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Amiga Future

WinUAE 4.2.0 released

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Autor Nachricht
Amiga Future Chefredaktion
Amiga Future Chefredaktion

Anmeldungsdatum: 05.06.2001
Beiträge: 41416
Wohnort: Übersee


BeitragVerfasst am: 10.04.2019 - 10:46    Titel: WinUAE 4.2.0 released Zitieren

New features:

* uaegfx and Picasso IV Overlay/PIP support.
* All GUI listviews support column order and column width customization.
* Custom ROM selection (4 slots) added.
* Direct3D 9/11 shader embedded config entry support.
* 68030 MMU instruction disassembler support and other disassembler fixes.
* 68030 MMU emulation will now also create short type bus error stack frames when possible, matching real 68030 behavior.
* Windowed mode keeps aspect ratio if CTRL is pressed while resizing.
* Added debugger invalid access logger (memwatch l).
* Reject Alt+<some> Windows system menu key shortcuts. Invalid short cut combinations can generate annoying Windows alert sounds.
* KS ROM selection supports loading and relocation of hunk and m68k elf executables.

Bug fixes:

* Direct3D 11  shader support fixes.
* CDTV CD drive read/play startup delays adjusted. Fixes Town without no name speech audio track stopping too early.
* Accelerator board CPU fallback (to mainboard CPU mode) works again.
* Many video port adapters (which includes grayscale mode and genlock) didn?t support all doubling modes.
* Minor custom chipset fixes (Small graphics corruption in certain special situations)
* Moving mouse outside and back to WinUAE window in Magic mouse activated WinUAE window even if some other window was already active.
* AVI recording with non-standard refresh rate was reset to default if GUI was entered and exited during recording.
* uae-configuration returned return code 10 even when matching config entry was found.
* "Add PC drives at startup" enabled and same drive's root directory also mounted manually: drive was mounted twice. (Introduced in 4.1.0)
* Genlock transparency didn?t always activate even when genlock emulation was enabled.

New emulated hardware:

* Pacific Peripherals Overdrive
* IVS Trumpcard
* IVS Trumpcard 500AT
* ICD Trifecta
* BSC Tandem
* ACT Prelude and Prelude 1200
* Harms Professional 3000

Andreas Magerl
Chefredaktion Amiga Future
Geschäftsführung APC&TCP
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