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Amiga Future

Trap Runner 1.0 released & Boxed Version

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Autor Nachricht
Amiga Future Chefredaktion
Amiga Future Chefredaktion

Anmeldungsdatum: 05.06.2001
Beiträge: 40758
Wohnort: Übersee


BeitragVerfasst am: 31.12.2018 - 13:32    Titel: Trap Runner 1.0 released & Boxed Version Zitieren

Happy new year from Night Owl Design and Retroguru!

The year 2018 is going to end and 2019 is in front of our door. The perfect chance to aim for the last Amiga OCS release of 2018. You may remember the Night Owl Design (Frank Wille and Gerrit Wille) and Retroguru game 'Trap Runner' which we released as unfinished party version at Function 2018 in Budapest, Hungary. While time has passed we were not lazy and bring you this fancy update, which will be most likely the final version.

Trap Runner v1.0 (31 Dec 2018)
- Fixed a memory leak when loading new maps.
- Handle spurious level 7 interrupts, which happen on some boards.
- Graphics retouched by Jonathan Dodd.
- Enabled desert world water animations.
- Fixed coin animation in level 18.
- Fixed the return path in level 22.
- Getting stuck in level 24 fixed, when missing the white pill.
- Optimized fireball usage in castle world.
- Red floor in the Pacman level is deadly now.
- Fixed loss of last continue-level after running the introduction.
- Stars gauge didn't animate and reset, when collecting multiple stars at once, while only a single star was required for extra life.

Head over to to download the .adf!

If you are more the type of person who wants to have a physical release, we want to make you happy too. Trap Runner will be published by APC & TCP Germany! Please get in touch with andreas(at) He will mail you when the game is out as boxed release along with tiny goodies!

The free .adf is in no way crippled or limited, but if you love to support us, please consider buying the physical.

We also love feedback, news coverage, etc... give us motivation and a reason to continue our Amiga activities!

Our other activities this year as a short sum-up:
- Super Nutmeg, is a conversion of 'Nutmeg' a HTML5 game by Photon Storm. - We ported the original one button give level game to Dreamcast and currently give it an excessive Arcade mode for the very best Jump'n Run action. Main coder behind this wonderful project is Gisberto Rondinella.
- Xump 2 for Sega Mega Drive, still under development with the help of our coder Florent. Should be hopefully done soon.
- Fruit'Y got a port to Nintendo Switch (thanks Gisberto!)
- Atari Lynx stuff is cooking up (also thanks to Gisberto!)
- Behind the scenes we prepare two Dreamcast physical releases.
- A new Retroguru comic is in preparation
- ...

Thanks to everyone at the Retroguru collective being a great bunch of boys and girls!

More to come in 2019!
Andreas Magerl
Chefredaktion Amiga Future
Geschäftsführung APC&TCP
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