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Amiga Future

Welcome to the forum

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Author Message
Amiga Future Redaktion
Amiga Future Redaktion

Joined: 30 Jun 2004
Posts: 54

PostPosted: 17.09.2006 - 22:20    Post subject: Welcome to the forum Quote

Dear Users of the Big Book of Amiga Hardware,

after we have taken over the ownership of the BBoAH from Ian Chapman, we are proud to present an additional feature at
this time - this forum.

Here you can ask all questions you have about any AMIGA related hardware, especially in english language.
Another german speaking forum can be found here, also.

As the german speaking forum exists some years now, all english speaking people will profit from the knewledge without using Babelfish e.g.

We are very proud to be trusted by Ian Chapman to lead the BBoAH in a great Future.

The new design does not certainly please everyone.
We are sorry for this.
We have to find a design, wich fits to our company colors as far as possible.

Although we are a german Amiga related company with a print magazine and software publishing, we guarantee, that the BBoAH NEVER becomes commercial!

The intention for integrating the BBoAH under commercial guidance was, that we are planning to reactivate the download section (for manuals, drivers and so on) in the near future.
With a commercial partner we have much more possibilities to get the needed licenses to provide them.
Another intention was to protect the BBoAH against legal problems in the future.

That's so far for the moment.

But you will ask "what brings the BBoAH in the future?"
Let me say some words about our future plans:

*we try to provide the BBoAH in much more languages as german and english to provide all AMIGA users all over the world.

*we want to establish more features within the BBoAH.
This means, that we think about more "database requests", as "Browse by Manufacturer" or "Browse by Connection" wich runs actually.
If you have any suggestions, feel free to ask for, or intend new features.

*Ian Chapman received a value of donations from many users.
This donations will be freezed at the moment.
At this time we'll NOT collect any further donations, but the Users want it.
Our intention is, to provide a worthy AMIGA related hardware project in the future with this money.

At last i want to say a "Very, very big thank you to Ian Chapman for his near 8 years old BBoAH and his trust in us.
Ian did a great job all over the years for the whole AMIGA community.
Without Ian and his BBoAH, somewhat would be missing to the community.

At the very last, i want to say some personal things about me, to those people, me yet do not know .

My Name is Mario Misic (aka Supimajo) and i'm AMIGA user since the early days of the AMIGA.
I'm living in Bochum/Germany and i am 38 years old.
Before some years i asked Ian to maintain a german mirror of the BBoAH and we come together in this case.
Since them i maintained this mirror for several years now and i was involved within the "old style (HTML based)" BBoAH" and also the data base supported version "BBoAH V2" from the beginning.
Ian did a very great support to me to realize a bilingual interface for the BBoAH.
I promise all users, that we'll lead the BBBoAH in Ians mind for the future.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me via mail, please ( ).
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