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Amiga Future

ECX Update released

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Author Message
Amiga Future Chefredaktion
Amiga Future Chefredaktion

Joined: 05 Jun 2001
Posts: 41235
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PostPosted: 17.05.2007 - 11:35    Post subject: ECX Update released Quote

ECX (Compiler) released in the Version 1.6.0.


- FIXED: ECX was not compatible with modules created with CreativE 2.12 (perhaps even
2.11. Up to 2.10 worked anyway).

- FIXED: 68k DisposeLink().

- FIXED: 68k Methods + exception handler did not work.

- FIXED: 68k MidStr() produced INTERNAL ERROR.

- FIXED: Nasty 68k subroutine call bug.

- FIXED: \0 never worked in strings!

- FIXED: another 68k methods bug.

- NOTE: 68k EXE/LIB now requires v40 (OS3.1) minimum! It actually did for a while now

- IMPLEMENTED: OPT OSVERSION now implemented, see guide.

- FIXED: bug in ppc librarycode causing problems with odd number of functions.

- FIXED: obj.member-- did addition instead of subtraction!

- CHANGED: Rearrangements in ECXMODULES: dir structure.
See "fixecxmodules" script. If you have previous install
of ECXOMDULES, please take a look at this script and then
run it with "execute fixecxmodules".

- FIXED: ARRAY OF REAL was not allowed in objects. (thx Gelb!)

- FIXED: Weird bug regarding objects in objects from other module.. hard to explain. (thx Gelb!)

- ADDED: morphos extensions in module morphos/exec/resident.e

- FIXED: stupid errormessage when modifying variable.

- FIXED: modification as substatement generated error message.

- FIXED: inline BYTE and WORD did not work...! urgh!

- FIXED: "PPCINSTRUCTION REG, global" (like STW Rx, global) was severely broken.

- FIXED: SIGH. Somehow default returning of NIL in procedures/methods was disabled.

- ADDED: MODNAME/K and OPT MODNAME, see guide.

- ADDED: OFFSETOF object.member, no support for embedded objects for now though.

- CHANGED: linedebug format. updated trackhit, diself tools.

- FIXED: should be the last two bugs in PPC FastNew(), FastDispose()

- FIXED: using "self" named variable in normal procedure was seen as double declaration.

- ADDED: PPC MorphOS CatchHit tool, see bin/catchhit.txt

- IMPLEMENTED: Variable debug support (VARDEBUG/S). Only tool using it this far is CatchHit.

- CHANGED: LINDEBUG now automatically turns on SYMBOLHUNK.

- IMPROVED: Library mode. Now possible to make MUI Custom Classes. See guide. (Thx Gelb!)


- ADDED: Methods are now visible in symbol hunk/section!

- FIXED: EMPTY (dummy) library functions. See guide. Yes fixed once again.

- FIXED: offset(reg) operand in 68k inline assembler was wrong.

- FIXED: 68k library mode. Dont su me if there are problems, but it seems to work

- ADDED: tools/thread.m. Same API as the MOS one in toolsabox/. now for 68k AOS.

- REMOVED: ECX:examples. You might want to remove dir from previous installation.

- Misc stuff improved here and there that you might notice or not
Andreas Magerl
Chefredaktion Amiga Future
Geschäftsführung APC&TCP
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