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Type: Workshop
Description: Amiga Future 89
Date: 26.03.2014 - 16:22 - Views 1270
Category: Eng_Workshops
Designing with AmiFIG




 User comments 
gwyche : 27.12.2014 - 04:59     AmiFIG
I was pleased to find this "How to" in English and that it did not avoid telling us about the "text" writing and the "Save As .png" problems.

The introductory paragraph was focused on what we were going to be doing in the workshop, and I was only a little confused about when I should follow along by doing the actions mentioned in the text.

By the time I understood that these "instructions" were not such, I came to understand this was in no way a tutorial. Still, it was different from a review. So now I place this kind of article (based on this, my first use of an AmigaFuture Workshop) in a mental category of an example of a Workshop.

I know of XFig from many years ago working on Sun MicroSystems Solaris 8 to make a cable diagram with all pins detailed. It took me a long time. When I did that one project I was greatly assisted by my extensive knowledge of PageStream2.2 on my A1200 with the express feature of PageStream's to make these very kind of Xfig like constructs. I was quite sad when PageStream did not evolve to the AmigaOS4.1 software. XFig also did not evolve on Solaris. It broke on later versions of Solaris10.

I am so hoping that AmiFIG will fill the void in my documentation of things. This workshop mentioned all the most basic things to boost me into action.

I think a closing paragraph that referred to other places one could go for examples of what continued work with AmiFIG is capable of, and maybe a few words about "object" reusability from a library of generic "object groups" would whet the appetite of prospective users.


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 Workshop:  Konstruieren mit AmiFIG (Amiga Future 89)

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