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Type: Interview
Description: 28.1.2002
Date: 22.07.2005 - 12:06 - Views 2320
Category: Eng_Interviews
irc chat logfile with bplan

Time (GMT+1)NicknameText
[19:02:39]PEGASOSWelcome to the chat!
[19:03:17]tarbos1.) Are the Pegasos developer boards already shipping and is the enduser board still on track for a late march release?
[19:03:23]tarbos2.) What is your distribution policy - will the boards be available directly from you or from the Amiga dealers - sometimes it seems to be hard for foreigners to get their Amiga hardware...
[19:04:18]PEGASOSBplans Mainboards PEGASOS start shiping in two weeks.
[19:05:22]PEGASOSNormal distribution channels thru local dealers.
[19:06:02]AmyTekI need to know how much will cost a pegasos mainboard with morphos and when it will be sold
[19:07:16]PEGASOSThe consumer version will be sold in march for about 650Euros for bare boards.
[19:09:22]McGregwill the Pegasos have a standard-graphicscards-driver (640x480 16color) for all Graphics-cards like PCs have (hope you know waht I mean) ?
[19:11:08]PEGASOSSure, i know what you mean. As our board will be provided with an openfimware rom, this resolution is directly supported.
[19:11:45]LogainWhich gfx-boards and USB devices will be supported *at release*? What kind of CPU-module will be included in the 650 EUR-package?
[19:13:49]PEGASOSGrafixcards with openfirmware rom will be supported as framebuffer devices by default. Accelerated drivers will be available thru CybergraphX.
[19:14:08]LeoAdvance What is the main target of MorphOS/Bplan ? (ie. Video ? etc...) and What is the long-term goal of bplan: will we ever see a real new Amiga-like computer produced by bplan with CUSTOM chips ('caipirinha'-like chips,... ?)
[19:14:13]LeoAdvance(copper rulez !)
[19:15:22]PsyriaCan you tell me something about the onboard SoundChips of Pegasos?
[19:15:56]PEGASOSMotorola/IBM PPC G3 cpus with 400MHz are planed for initial release.
[19:16:10]OneOfNine a)Will users be able to access the flashrom or will that be a developers only feature...? b) In what way will the flashrom be protected agains viruses?
[19:17:19]Univers So I got that right, the Pegasos machine is to be released in March ? and will cost 650Euro?... Will OS4.0 run on Pegasos?... What software will come with this computer?...... What about the releationship with Hyperion and Amiga Inc. regarding Pegasos (cooperation)?
[19:19:30]PEGASOSThe main target is to release a powerfull hardware at a affordable price.
[19:20:34]PEGASOSAC97 Sound with sigmatel ST9766 including SPDIF out.
[19:21:32]PEGASOSThere is no access to the flashrom content as a matter of principle.
[19:22:39]PEGASOSExtensions can be integrated via nvram.rc under the terms of open firmware specifications.
[19:23:38]PEGASOSHyperion Software registered as a developer with us.
[19:25:03]Velcro_SP Are you surprised by the great amount of interest in Pegasos? And will bplan present on Kermit Woodall's AmigaExpo (USA) in March?
[19:25:43]PEGASOSNo, we have been convinced to have a good product
[19:26:29]Mnemonic 1.Can I use my A4k-keyboard with the Pegasos (I like it much). 2. Support Morphos ATI Raedeon2(or other AGP-cards) 3.How fast is the 68k-Emu (in Mips please). 4.Can I play all my WarpUP and Warp3d Games under MorphOS.5 Can Iperoder an Pegasos
[19:26:38]PEGASOSIf we would attend the Amiga Expo was not determined, yet.
[19:28:35]PEGASOSA4K kbd can`t be used with the current hardware (but a adaptor can be provided by a 3th party
[19:29:44]PEGASOSDrivers for AGP cards (also ATI) will be available
[19:30:27]PEGASOSWarp3D is supported by MorphOS/Pegasos
[19:30:47]AmiGR well, how can a dealer apply to distribute Pegasos motherboards? A friend (pc&mac dealer) would like to. also, will the final machine need a fat16 partition to load the kernel? will the new g4/1.2 9and the even faster to be released in feb chips) work? it uses an 133mhz FSB and SDRAM.
[19:32:23]PEGASOSdealers can get in contact via e-mail (
[19:34:24]PEGASOScurrent version of OF (openfirmware) will need a FAT16 or ISO (CDROM) partition for booting. Final release also supports FFS. FSB up to 133MHz is tested and working.
[19:35:49]pkaWhat will be the fastest G4-CPU sold, when, and what will it cost? How far is Linux-support: are USB, UW-SCSI and 3d-Xfree working?
[19:39:19]PEGASOSfastest G4 sold is 867MHz. Retail price is not awailable yet. (Please keep visiting our web site). USB, UW-SCSI and 3d-XFree are fully supported
[19:39:52]BanterDo you think that production and sale of Pegasos will be profitable? E.g. Apple has announced a Mac with more powerful CPU than Pegasos for quite the same prize. Did You think about reducing prizes of Pegasos?
[19:41:58]PEGASOSPricing depends on CPU price. This meens that system price will go down with time.
[19:43:11]tarbos1.) Any information regarding gfxcard drivers, e.g. the long expected Matrox ones or the "Nvidia possibility" that bplan mentioned at cologne and will you be cooperating with Bill Toner who is said to possess the Radeon documentation?
[19:43:15]tarbos2.) Is it in bplan's interest to see OS4 running on Pegasos and will you make sure they get the neccessary help/docs to succeed?
[19:43:17]tarbos3.) You mentioned _fast_ G3 and dual G4 modules at release (amigafuture interview) - does this mean bplan have actual plans for IBM "Sahara" G3 and/or Motorola "Apollo" G4? (my personal favourite would be MPC7440 at $169 chip price for a medium Pegasos system)
[19:47:16]PEGASOSA detail list of new drivers/features will be available at our website soon.
[19:48:40]PEGASOSBoards are shiped with MorphOS. 3th party OS are user installable (again OF)
[19:50:52]PEGASOSFast means 1,3GHz.
[19:52:19]BatmamPegasos: 1.Is LinuxPPC comparable to X86Linux, or does it have drawbacks?
[19:52:19]BatmamI.e., I read something like "significantly less support" in a magazine review (c't).
[19:52:19]Batmam2.Is there a distribution for LinuxPPC already?
[19:54:06]PEGASOSLinux PPC is the actual release version.
[19:58:16]Logain1. could you specify the PSU-requirements? 2. will the base CPU-module need active cooling? 3. will you offer trade-ins for faster CPUs when available or leave the buyer with a total useless (and slow) G3-400 module?
[19:58:20]PEGASOSLinuxPPC distribution is available from "yellow dog Linux"
[20:00:03]PEGASOSActive cooling for base cpus will not be needed.
[20:00:34]PEGASOSTradeins are thru bplan not available.
[20:02:47]scuz(1) quote: PEGASOS Bplans Mainboards PEGASOS start shiping [sic] in two weeks." ... "in two weeks" used to be a popular synonym for "never" in the post-mortem Amiga world. Is this going to be different in the case at hand?
[20:02:50]scuz(2) quote: PEGASOS The main target is to release a powerfull [sic] hardware at a [sic] affordable price." - how is this statement compatible with the 635 EUR price estimate?
[20:04:29]PEGASOSThe meaning of bplan two weeks is 14 days 650 is an affordable price.
[20:05:22]Zefram1:Will there be some drivers for PCI soundboards, for people who needs a SP/Dif INPUT ?
[20:05:23]Zefram2:Will you support graphics cards with two monitor ouputs ?
[20:05:25]PEGASOSFor more information about microserver you need an NDA.
[20:05:27]Zefram3:the release date was for March/April and now it's for February ?
[20:05:28]ZeframPlease don't tell us what we want to hear but the truth, thanks
[20:07:05]PEGASOS3rd party will provide also special drivers for new soundcards.
[20:10:25]PEGASOSBitte weitere Fragen. Please more questions. Por favor mas preguntas.
[20:10:43]Xemos Could we make work the next version of morph-os on old powerup hardware (blizzardppc&cyberstormppc)? if yes when?
[20:12:20]PEGASOSYes, MorphOS will be supported on PowerUP hardware. Please visit also for updates.
[20:12:33]MADzgerWhat about compatibility to elder software/games written for 68k machines? What about software accessing the custom chips (ECS, AGA, Paula...)?
[20:14:22]PEGASOSSoftware, requiring Amiga (r)(tm)(or what ever) Chips sets will NOT run. This software can only be executed within an UAE.
[20:16:03]bastiw1) how much power does the pegasos equipped with the slowest processor consume? 2) in which range of temperature ist the pegasos usable?
[20:16:03]bastiw3) to which extent can you bend a pegasos board? 4) you don't believe that we believe in a release-version of pegasos, do you?
[20:16:03]bastiw5) can one use old ide-cables from a pc? 6) "ATA100 - with up to 4 devices" do i get 4 devices with the pegasos?
[20:17:56]PEGASOS1) aprox. 12Watts 2)commercial range
[20:18:55]UniversPEGASOS: Following of my questions weren't answered: What software will come with this computer?...... What about the releationship with Hyperion and Amiga Inc. regarding Pegasos (cooperation)?... And what about future software? ..We also had to wait a long time for good PPC software, don't give us the super machine without software!...Please, answer my questions... THANKS!
[20:19:34]PEGASOS5) yes
[20:22:37]PEGASOSPegasos will allwas ship with MorphOS. Amiga, PowerUP, and WarpOS programs can be used as applications.
[20:24:44]PEGASOSWe are a system manufacturer (Pegasos/MorphOS). Questions regarding 3rd party software (e.g. OS4.0) should be addressed to those.
[20:25:26]HansHi! 1) When will the developer machines ship? 2) When will the final version ship? 3) how much for the dev machine? 4) how much for the final machine? 5) what do I need to be able to buy boards from you? 6) will you support third party developers? 7) what about the USB interface? Do you work together with VMC to get a compatible solution (both of you)? 8) How far are you with your USB stack 9) three good reasons why I should use MorphOS in
[20:26:07]Hanslastminute: 12) how can I contact your dev-staff? (Email-address etc -- /msg)
[20:32:11]PEGASOS1) Shipment start within next 14 days 2) End user systems are available at end of 1Q2002 3) 650 EUR 4) same 5) Company registration 6) YES 7) USB is working, there are currently no talkings with VMC 8) working 9) You only need one: IT WORKS
[20:33:03]AmiGR1) Do you plan to produce ZIF cards yourselves? The fastest PPC chip on sale right now is 1.2 and 1.3, 1.6 and 1.9 chips will be on sale soon, while ZIF modules by third parties like sonnet are still useing very old and slow chips. 2) Would it be able to run Darwin (or even macosx) on the board with some hacking? 4) does the manufacturer of the chipset you're using plan to make DDR versions of the chipset? this would give your boards a HUGE boostest of the os+progs in another
[20:33:20]AmiGR or os+emul on one
[20:33:23]AmiGR and progs on another
[20:35:32]PEGASOSZIF cards are not used for production versions. Pegasos will run Net/Free BSD. DDR version of our chipset are not planed for release this year
[20:37:37]PEGASOSSince we have no G5 samples, yet: in theory, yes.
[20:39:58]DunkleSeeleHow shall Pegasos be distributed?
[20:40:13]DunkleSeeleIs it possible to have a look on it before purchase?
[20:40:34]DunkleSeeleWhat operating systems can I use on it else?
[20:40:45]DunkleSeeleWill you be on Cebit this year?
[20:41:43]PEGASOSDistribution by computer vendors. There will be test systems, too (of course only if the vendor wants one).
[20:45:45]PsyriaAnother questions on the sound system of Pegasos.
[20:45:47]PsyriaAs we sure all know the "classic" Amiga also
[20:45:47]Psyriais known by its musical capabilities.
[20:45:47]PsyriaHow about interest contacting programmes of music applications
[20:45:47]Psyriaand maybe to adapt one or the other programm
[20:45:48]Psyriato Pegasos "power"?
[20:46:49]PEGASOSA clickable vendors list on our website soon (incl. if demo system available or not).
[20:50:05]PEGASOSDevelopers request, especially for the audio section, are welcome!
[20:50:40]obw1) Are there any efforts to standardize a PCI API in Amiga-compatible environments by means of a standard lib or a wrapper lib (e.g. like Henning Schmiedehausen made a socket.library emu for bsdsocket.library systems), so that the same driver may work source (by recompiling) or even binary compatible (via JIT) on
[20:50:40]obwElbox, Pegasos, Amithlon etc.?
[20:50:43]obw2) Is AROS ported to the Pegasos board?
[20:53:40]PEGASOSPCI is abstracted with cybpci.library running with Cyberstrom/Blizzard and Pegasos. Driver running with a Cyberstorm/Blizzard are binary compatible with Pegasos.
[20:55:29]PEGASOSPegasos hardware supports FreeBSD only, for now.
[20:56:43]Bernd22Will there be a flashrom?
[20:56:58]Bernd22If so, how much MB?
[20:57:38]Bernd22So I cannot run the OS from the ROM?
[20:58:24]Bernd22Will there be AGP 2x or 4x on it?
[21:00:10]PEGASOSROM filesystems can be used to boot by flash disks.
[21:01:54]cybin Are parts of the Workbench (r) still needed to install or will there a new interface with MOS 1.0? If parts still will be needed, how is the intallation process?
[21:04:28]PEGASOSMorphOS has a shell. At the time bing the Workbench is its GUI, installation is done with the Amiga CDs
[21:04:43]PEGASOSif desired.
[21:06:26]AmyTek1) will Morphos run ppc.library (Cyberstorm & Blizzard PPC) applications? If yes can ppc, warp os and 68k applications run at the same time?
[21:06:52]AmyTek2) who I have to contact to make some question like these?
[21:07:25]AmyTek3) who I have to contact to know something about my registration for a developer machine?
[21:07:58]PEGASOSany future question to
[21:11:43]visionHello Salva, I'm vision, the spanish designer of the amiga 1.2000 (it can be viewed at you support some of the latest gaphic cards?
[21:12:04]visionwhich models?
[21:13:07]visionHow will you sell this board as powerfull board for the future if its memory sockets will have no memory to attack in a few moths?
[21:14:15]PEGASOSYes we will support some of the latest graphix cards.
[21:14:37]visionwhich ones?
[21:16:01]PEGASOSSD-RAM will be available a lot of time.
[21:16:46]visionWe will see, but this doesn´t seem to happen
[21:17:46]visionplease tell us: wich graphic cards?
[21:18:26]visionwill you support Tru-form, Texture&lighting?
[21:19:07]PEGASOSALL cards providing a OF rom are supported! Please contact the card vendors for information about OF compliance.
[21:20:38]BoingBackWhat do you consider yoursef regarding Amiga Inc.? As a competitor or as completition?
[21:20:46]BoingBackI personally hope that PEGASOS considers to be a completition. Otherwise the AMIGA MARKET might split even more.
[21:20:57]BoingBackP.S. : MorphOS in my opinion is a real alternative for AmigaOS, since it is more like an emulation! AMIGA´S BOING BACK
[21:22:29]PEGASOSWe take Amiga Inc.'s products as a completiton of our hardware.
[21:22:46]MADzgerOn the subject emulation: AmigaUAE PPC will be utilize for the "Amiga emulator", will it? If I would like to have a Mac emulation, this will work, as I suppose, with iFusion. How about a sane PC emulation? What address is for vendors to contact?
[21:26:54]PEGASOSMorphOS is an independent OS.
[21:27:52]MADzgerThat's clear to me.... But what about the possibility to emulate other systems? e.g.: PC (Windows)
[21:28:39]PEGASOSAn UAE has to used for software. For native (PPC) we are currently testing Bochs
[21:29:34]PEGASOSas a PC emulator.
[21:30:04]A3kWhat will one receive for 650Euro? What about TDSL with MorphOS ? and I wish you much luck and I am looking forward to Pegasos! amazing thing!!
[21:31:53]PEGASOSTDSL e.g. with Miami (running here now )
[21:35:12]AndreasMPEGASOS: and scope of supply?
[21:37:41]PEGASOSScope of supply about 4.3 ft (measured around the box).
[21:38:05]PEGASOSAccessory according to the product description online.
[21:38:48]PEGASOSOEM versions will be built according to what the customer desires.
[21:40:35]Mnemonic1. Why are there only two memory sockets on Pegasos, what makes it hard to reach the 2GB limit? 2. Pegasos has a lot of outputs a standard ATX board does not have, will there be a plate for normal ATX cases included?
[21:43:07]PEGASOSNot all modules work at 133MHz in three socket machines. There will be a standard plate included for ATX cases
[21:45:36]MDW1)Is it true, that the port of OpenGL for MorphOS is being developed?If yes - when can we expect it. If not - will the StormMesa work on it?
[21:45:38]MDW2)What about Prometheus support?
[21:48:30]PEGASOSOpenGL is under development. Prometheus as a hardware expansion is not supported by Pegasos (it needs Z3 slots).
[21:48:53]Markus_P1. Will there be a 64Bit PCI-Slot in next generation of the board?
[21:48:53]Markus_P2. How can i get some help in developing new hardwaredrivers?
[21:48:58]Markus_P3. Are there well documentated developerkits for MorphOS?
[21:54:11]PEGASOS1) A 64 bit PCI(x) version will not be available before Cebit2003. For drivers running inside the Amiga environement you can use the Reference Manual: Libraries and Devices. For SDKs please contact me directly under
[21:55:03]bastiw1) how can one write / port an os the pegasos? are the docs open, do one have to sign a nda? is there sample sourcecode? 2) did you ask #amigager for their opinion? they are the most qualified people i know to see, if a product would be successful or not.
[21:55:03]bastiw3) are you going to write anything to run windows32-executables? or how do you ensure a wide range of applications? 4) why is everything available in a short time on your website? can't you just answer? why does it take so long?
[21:55:03]bastiw5) are you going to port WinUAE? it is the only useful software there could be for pegasos 6) is there anything planned to extend morphos with free applications like it is with mac os x (itunes, idvd, iphoto...)?
[21:55:04]bastiw7) are you going to sponsor a pegasos board to the kimpire, so you can attract more people?
[21:57:56]AndreasMPEGASOS: also
[21:58:20]AndreasM1) Is there any cooperation between Hyperion, Amiga Inc. and bplan?
[21:58:35]AndreasM2) Is it possible to run MacOS on Pegasos?
[21:58:54]Stefan1200zu 1) If so, which?
[21:58:59]Stefan1200zu 2) Which versions?
[21:59:11]AndreasM3) What about the driver situation?
[21:59:53]AndreasM4) Pegasos is not supposed to be distributed to the Amiga market only. What are the plans? Linux market, etc. How will it be marketed (advertising....)?
[22:00:10]PEGASOS1) all needed docs are available from 2) ./. 3) NO 4./. 5)NO 6)yes 7)we will not sponsor hardware at any time
[22:00:50]AndreasM5) What software will in included with the Pegasos release? Linux? OS 3.1 3.9? MacOS? Games?
[22:01:02]AndreasM6) What graphics boards are not supported, yet?
[22:01:18]AndreasM7) Will there be a "Pegasos notebook", too?
[22:01:55]AndreasM8) What is the true current development status? Just tell us a bit more in detail about that. Which were the problems? How did you solve them? Which do still exist?
[22:04:35]PEGASOS1) Hyperion and Amiga are 3rd party developers to us. 2) Last try: FreeBSD runs 3)Mainboard interfaces are supported directly. Accessoiers incl. drivers will come from 3rd party companies. 4) That's true.
[22:07:23]PEGASOS5)Software: MorphOS (CD) and Linux/BSD (download)
[22:07:57]PEGASOS6) Boards without OF ROM
[22:08:03]AndreasMSo there will be no AmigaOS included, whatsoever version?
[22:08:15]PEGASOS7) No
[22:08:44]PEGASOS8) Finished
[22:09:10]AndreasMmeaning: when precisely will one be able to purchse Pegasos?
[22:10:18]PEGASOSAs an end-user from late 1Q2002 (March)
[22:12:00]AmiGR will you release zif cpu modules?
[22:12:28]AmiGR 2) when will you make the high end cpu modules?
[22:12:33]AmiGR and how much will they cost
[22:12:36]AmiGR (estimated)
[22:12:46]PEGASOSno, ZIF modules are for developer versions only
[22:15:26]Marcian1)In what way do you intend to advertise vor Pegasos? 2)In which computer magazines do intend to advertise? 3)Are there already finished advertisings? 4)How much boards sold do you estimate/hope for, for the first half year after release? 5)Will there be a list of developers or oderers of the developer board published?
[22:15:51]PEGASOSHigh end cpu modules are open end in pricing.
[22:19:30]PEGASOS1) Print media. 2)IX, Linux magazine 3)No. 4)The amount of ex-Amiga-users we estimate at a number of about 1,500 - 2,000. 5)the names of registered developers will only be published on their own request.
[22:20:37]MrT1. Will it be possible to directly use former G-Rex drivers, e.g. for Terratec?
[22:21:18]AR1) how much boards you have planned to produce for first time? 100? 1000? 10000? 2) how much boards alredy produced? 3) what you have planned to do if someone will port morphos to Apple's cheap ppc hardware?
[22:21:21]MrT2. (like 1.) PCI applications e.g. VIsionary, RadioX etc. run on Pegasos?
[22:22:14]PEGASOS1) as much as you can buy
[22:22:21]MrT3. Some games are still unsing PAULA, is there a Paule emulation for the on-board SK?
[22:22:34]PEGASOS1a) production lots are 1k units each
[22:23:52]PEGASOS2) 30 units of HW rev 0.1B
[22:24:24]PEGASOS3) unclear question
[22:25:29]PEGASOSPCI applications (cybppc.library) work (e.g. Visionary).
[22:26:17]PEGASOSCurrently there is NO Paula emulation.
[22:26:35]zacman1) How much will a MorphOS version for BlizzPPC/CybPPC be? 2) Could you name some graphics boards which are to have native 3D drivers for MorphOS? Will those be bundled with the system/MorphOS or will those cost additional charge?
[22:29:15]PEGASOS1) No decision done about a market version for Cyberstorm/Blizzard, yet. 2) Still (see above) all graphic boards with OF ROM are supported (this ROM usually comes with the board )
[22:29:56]miksuh1. I don't think I have money to buy Pegasos until next autumm. So, will the MOS support Mediator + SharkPPC when and if it is released?
[22:29:59]miksuh2. Will there be somekind of developer CD available for MOS?
[22:29:59]miksuh3. If pegasos motherboard will cost about 650EUR, is there any idea how much lowend prebuilt system with CPU, gfx card
[22:30:08]miksuh4. if there is some programmable chipsets in Pegasos motherboard which might get updated now and then, are those chips flashable or placed in socket?
[22:30:21]miksuh5. G4 is more than enough for me, I'm just curious But what about G5 and Pegasos? Is it possible to use it someday in the future (maybe cebit 2003)
[22:33:03]PEGASOS1) NO 2) Yes 3) Complete Systems are around 1000EUR incl HD/DVD 4)No 5) CU Cebit 2003
[22:34:20]jb4kHi, will I be able to install a nacked Pegasos system with an existing OS3.9 CD?
[22:34:52]jb4kAlready preorders done?
[22:35:10]PEGASOS(not for OS3.9)
[22:35:24]jb4kIs there a number for min. sales to cover costs?
[22:36:03]PEGASOSYes, but we have arrived there long ago.
[22:36:59]jb4kWhat about public relations?? Advertisings in ct', etc ...
[22:37:41]jb4kWhat is your target group?? Rather Amiga or Linux PPC?
[22:38:27]PEGASOSMain lots clearly are in the industrial market.
[22:38:47]jb4kWhat about advertising?
[22:38:53]AndreasMPEGASOS: What is the industrial market?
[22:39:36]PEGASOSLINUX/BSD and MPCluster systems.
[22:40:08]jb4kAnd what about advertising?
[22:40:12]PEGASOSAnd what about tea? (Translator's note: He's joking at this point and refers to a [German] TV commercial.)
[22:40:44]PEGASOSWe will advertise in the respective print media.
[22:42:23]^Frodon^First, hello Salva
[22:42:50]^Frodon^I'd like to know if a project of a PowerMac emulator is envisaged or exist for MorphOS. If Yes, will it be based on an existing emulatore and will MacOS X works on this emulator? Or maybe a native support of MacOS X is planned for the Pegasos?
[22:44:33]PEGASOSFrom hardware point of view MacOS X could run in a native way. We are not doing any work in that direction.
[22:45:41]Stefan1200No questions from forums or elsewhere, I'll just paste them here now. It maybe that those already have been answered, today.
[22:46:16]Stefan1200Pegasos developer systems were announce to ship from early this year!
[22:46:17]Stefan1200Did that happen?
[22:46:21]Stefan1200What CPU did those have on and maybe at what price?
[22:46:52]Stefan1200Does an 'impervious' agreement exist to ensure the Pegasos port of AmigaOS4 or are there still any differences?
[22:47:25]Stefan1200Is it possible to use the mainboard in a microATX case? Are 150 watts enough?
[22:47:26]Stefan1200Will there be drivers for USB, Firewire, Modem, and other interfaces and PCI/AGP boards on release?
[22:47:30]Stefan1200Does MorphOS support the Radeon graphics boards line? Are 3dfx Voodoo boards supported?
[22:49:11]PEGASOSDeveloper systems will start shipping within the next 14 days.
[22:49:34]PEGASOSBase CPU is G3@400MHz
[22:50:20]PEGASOSAmiga OS4.0 as a purely 3rd-party product does not require any contracts of ours.
[22:51:01]PEGASOS150 watts and aMicoATX case are perfect.
[22:51:23]PEGASOSExisting interfaces are supported.
[22:52:20]PEGASOSATI and 3Dfx boards are supported.
[22:52:51]Stefan1200I would like to know, why G3 - G4 and not x86 CPUs, which have
[22:52:55]Stefan1200a better price/performance proportion?
[22:52:56]Stefan1200Because those are available on the market, which is/was not allways a feature of
[22:53:01]Stefan1200Motorola chips.
[22:53:06]Stefan1200Has Wolf Dietrich (formally CEO of phase5) anything to do with bplan?
[22:55:09]PEGASOSMr. Dietrich is not/has NEVER been associated with bplan.
[22:55:35]Stefan1200Is this true, that the implementation of OpenGL for MorphOS is being developed?If yes, when can we expect it.If not - will be StormMesa supported?
[22:56:11]Stefan1200have you already finally decided which developers get a dev machine?
[22:56:41]PEGASOSOpenGL will ship with the final version end 1Q2002
[22:54:03]PEGASOSVielen Dank fuer das Interesse an unserem Produkt / Thank you for your interest in our product
[22:58:34]MrMarcoPEGASOS: Thank you for spending your time for us.
[22:58:39]Stefan1200Channel are now not moderated
[22:58:43]*AndreasM representative would like to thank PEGASOS for coming.
[22:58:44]Stefan1200PEGASOS: Thank you.
[22:58:48]antibikeThank you, pagasos
[22:58:49]karosuper thing!!!!!
[22:58:56]TriMayoh, PEGASOS well, thank you!
[22:58:59]MrMarcoPEGASOS: If I am allowed to advice you.... go offline. They will attack you, now.
[22:59:01]AmiGRthanks peg
[22:59:01]tarbosthx salva
[22:59:03]Oehmmesvery informing
[22:59:03]McGregSuper, ppl !!!
[22:59:18]PEGASOSThank you very much for your active interest. Good bye.

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