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Type: Interview
Description: 26.12.2001
Date: 22.07.2005 - 11:59 - Views 1774
Category: Eng_Interviews
Interview with Eric Schwartz
Interview with Eric W. Schwartz

Editor: Andreas Stürmer

What's your full name and handle?

Eric W. Schwartz

Where do you come from and where do you live currently?

I have lived all my life (except for my years in college) in Dayton Ohio, USA.

Tell us a little bit about yourself... (age, hobby's, grown up...)

There's not much to tell. I'm 30 years old, I work as a freelance artist, and I enjoy drawing and toy collecting.

When did you start your career in "cartooning" and animating small stories?

I have always enjoyed drawing as long as I can remember, and tried animation as a hobby. Now I try to get work in illustration and animation.

How did it came that you're such a good Cartoonist? You grew up with Disney? )

I watched a lot of cartoons when I was growing up, such as those by Disney and Warner Brothers. Many of my early drawings were based on those cartoons and comic strips, and I tried to emulate their style. My own style grew from that.

Why is your female Cartoon-Star named "Sabrina"? Is there a special reason for this?

There was no special reason for the name to my knowledge. It was suggested by a friend.

All your animations and comics are available for the Commodore Amiga. Since when are you an owner of the fabulous Amiga System? What do you think about it's abilities?

I have been an Amiga owner since 1989. I like the system for its graphics and animation capability and software. I also prefer the efficiency of the operating system over other systems. Now I use an A4000T with a Cyberstorm 68060/PPC and a Cybervision video card.

Where are people able to get some of your comics/animations/cartoons?

Now I concentrate on my comic strip at . It has links to other sites where my works can be found.

Are there some new productions (cartoons) in progress? If yes, tell us a bit about it...

I have at least one animation project I would like to finish. It stars Sabrina. I don't want to say too much about it, in case there are problems getting it finished.

Will you support the Amiga community with cartoons in the future as you did it in the past? )

I would like to, but animation takes a lot of time and effort to do. I have been kept busy with work and other projects, and it has been difficult to get back to animation.

What's your opinion about the current situation of the Amiga?

I think the Amiga is at the lowest point it has been in a long time. I hope future developments can help revive the platform and bring it into the future.

What do you think about AmigaOne, AmigaDE or the currently released AmigaXL for x86 computers?

I think they all show promise. I look forward especially to systems like the AmigaOne or BPlan's system, which use the newer PPC processors. I also like the idea of using the AmigaXL on a x86 laptop or similar.

Do you plan to buy something ot the above? If yes, why?

I am considering buying one or more of the new Amiga systems, but I would like to see them first before I spend the money. I would like a faster, better Amiga system, hopefully one with a future. I may get AmigaXL as well, and put it on an inexpensive laptop PC.

Any ideas you want to tell the Amiga industry?

I think Amiga should keep up with hardware, and help to provide drivers for printers, scanners, and PCI cards. I would also like to see good video creation and editing software like that found on other platforms. An expanded version of Multiview, with better support for sound, video, and animation codecs, making it a better 'media player' than those found on other machines.

How can our readers get in contact with you? Do you have a web-adress?

Anything else you want to tell our readers?

I can't think of anything at this time.

Thank you for your time and answering my questions. Best wishes and regards Andi

Thank you,

Eric W. Schwartz

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