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Type: Interview
Description: 9.7.2001
Date: 22.07.2005 - 11:46 - Views 1620
Category: Eng_Interviews
Small-Interview with AlphaSoft
Interview with Alpha Software

Editor: Andreas Stürmer

Most of you know Gloom, but do you know the Sequel to Gloom - Zombie Massacre? We present you a short but informative interview with Gareth Murfin from Alpha Software...

When and where was Alpha Software founded, how many members do you have?

It was founded in a place called Cramlington, which is just north of Newcastle, UK. Over the years I have taken on lots of different graphics artists, musicians and coders, but at this moment in time Alpha Software is just the one founding member - Gareth Murfin - me.

What was your first game you ever developed?

Well non commercial, I did stuff like 'Dawn of the deader' but commercially the first one was Gloom3.

Many of our readers know you from the Gloom Sequel Zombie Massacre. What was the reason you decided to make a 3D game like this?

I just loved Gloom & Zombies, and wanted to combine these things

We didn't hear anything from Alpha Software for a long time. Are you working on a new game?

No classic Amiga games are being developed by me at the moment, I`m waiting to see how well the AmigaDE etc does, before I make anything big. But I did make a small freeware program for the AmigaDE called SolarOne which can be downloaded from Infact in under a month over 100 people downloaded it.

The game "The Dead Walk" is promoted on your website. What is the game about? Please explain...

TDW was a resident evil / diablo clone - and has ceased development. I may release what we did create one day - and its not totally impossible that we could regain enthusiasm for it.

When will TDW be finished? Is there a demo available?

Not sure, nope

What do you think about the current position of the Amiga?

I think the classic Amiga has a bright future, with G3/G4 and a PPC OS I`ll be sticking around with the classic. I might buy an AmigaOne, but I won`t buy it the day it``s released. I like the Amiga the way it is, the sooner the classic Amiga gets Java the better .

Do you want to develop games in the future for the upcoming AmigaOne?

Yep, we`ll see..

Thank you for the interview!

No problem, thanks for your interest!

Kind regards,

Gareth Murfin.

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