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Description Details
Name: Fish 1057  
File: Fish1057.dms
Size: 303.38 KB
Last file modification: 25.03.2013 - 21:16
Clicks this month: 0
Overall clicks: 15
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This download was added on 01.01.1970 - 02:00 by AndreasM

Last download on 16.11.2018 - 11:50

Requires: Amiga

ButtonMenu      1.23	Easy creation of customizable menus

ButtonMenu allows you to create menus in the form of a window full
of GadTools buttons.  Two programs are provided: one to allow you to
create the menu and one which runs the menu.  It is then possible to
run your menu from a startup-sequence, for example.  The GUI for the
creator was designed to use Topaz 8, but it will adapt to the current
screen font if it is not too big.

An added bonus is the ability to load ButtonMenu from within ButtonMenu
from within ButtonMenu and so on... This means you can nest menus to
create complicated menu systems.

Author: Oliver Roberts
Path: AmigaLibDisk1057:Programs/ButtonMenu/


DOSPrefs       2.2	Small commodity with three functions.

DOSPrefs is a small commodity with three functions:

1. Control the "Wildstar"-flag of the Amiga OS 2.0+ dos.library.

2. Control the "Noclick"-flags of the Amiga OS 2.0+ trackdisk.device.

3. Provide an all new "Unixdirs"-feature.

Author: Norbert Püschel
Path: AmigaLibDisk1057:Programs/DOSPrefs/


IconTrace      2.02	An icon.library monitor, version 2.02

Use this program to find out which tooltypes a program
supports and which icons it looks for.

Author: Peter Stuer
Path: AmigaLibDisk1057:Programs/IconTrace/


Picticon      0.96	Scales pictures into icons. os3.x only

Allows  pictures  to  be  dropped onto an appicon.  Will then load the
pictures using datatypes.library and scale them into icons.

Many  options  to  customize  how  the scaled picture icons will look.
Allows frames/backgrounds and size text (built in fonts, tho)

o  Files may  be passed by dropping them onto an appicon, selecting an
   apptool item, shift-selection, or via a CLI interface.
o  Dithering (one type, error-diffusion)
o  Remaps to current Workbench palette
o  Both fractional and integer scaling
o  User defined icon size
o  Allows templates for both tooltypes and/or background underlay
o  User defined appicon image
o  Ability to place picture dimension text onto icon
o  Preserves aspect of pictures with aspect information
o  User defined screen aspect. (for non-lace or s-hires users)
o  HAM-6/HAM-8 support
o  Datatype  loader/scaler  module  is  available for registered E 3.0
   users.  (no source)
o  NewIcons support (optional)
o  WhatIs support (optional)
o  Multiple filenames and/or wildcards from the CLI interface

Author: Chad Randall
Path: AmigaLibDisk1057:Programs/Picticon/


PMontre       1.2	Digital Clock/Date/Free Mem/Alarm

PMontre V1.2 is a FreeWare digital clock for the WB.

Some features:

	- Digital Clock 
	- Date (possible disable)
	- Calendar (for French language only)
	- English/French/German languages
	- Free memory Chip/Fast/Total in only one
	  bargraph (possible disable)
	- PubScreen option
	- WB toolstypes and Shell options supported
	- Alarm whith requester
	- Borderless option

Author: Pascal Pensa
Path: AmigaLibDisk1057:Programs/PMontre/


Publican       1.6	Public screen support utility.

Publican is a public screen support utility. It allows you to set
the default public screen, set global public screen behaviour flags and
obtain the name of the frontmost public screen (and write it to StdOut
or a local/global variable).

Author: Lee Kindness
Path: AmigaLibDisk1057:Programs/Publican/


QDisk      2.11	WorkBench utility to monitor space usage

A WorkBench utility that will monitor the space usage of any mounted
AMIGA DOS volume, like your hard drive or your floppy drive.  QDisk
will also notify you if a volume becomes too full.  Comes with a
preference editor to customize QDisk to your needs.

Author: Norman Baccari
Path: AmigaLibDisk1057:Programs/QDisk/


ToolType       3.2	Edit ToolTypes easily.

A program to make it easier to edit tooltypes in icons.  ToolType will
read the tooltypes from an icon file and let you use your favorite
text editor to change or add to the tooltypes.  ToolType can be run
from shell, Workbench, or set up as an appicon.  Includes an option to
sort the tooltypes alphabetically.

Author: Michael J Barsoom
Path: AmigaLibDisk1057:Programs/ToolType/


UnLock      37.0	Unlock Lock()-ed objects on HD

This is just a little program to
fix problems occuring with programs,
leaving locks on objects somewhere on
your HD. Have you ever had the problem,
that when you tested a program just
downloaded from a BBS, it seemed that
the program kept a Lock() on some
object on your HD? If so, you know
that you can not delete the object
(dir, file whatever), without removing
the lock first or rebooting. I have
encountered this problem lots of times,
but didn`t always want to launch a
System Monitor, to remove the
outstanding locks, just to delete

Author: Kai Iske
Path: AmigaLibDisk1057:Programs/UnLock/

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