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Description Details
Name: Fish 1041  
File: Fish1041.dms
Size: 289.28 KB
Last file modification: 25.03.2013 - 21:17
Clicks this month: 0
Overall clicks: 22
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This download was added on 01.01.1970 - 02:00 by AndreasM

Last download on 16.11.2018 - 11:48

Requires: Amiga

Data2Object    1.3    Makes ascii text file directly linkable

Sometimes you want to have a large text file in your code.  For example a
built-in helpfile.  d2o gives an easy way to do just that.  It takes the
textfile as an argument and produces a standard object file.  Includes an
option to force the data into chip ram for graphics and sound data.

Author: Matthijs Luger
Path: AmigaLibDisk1041:Programs/Data2Object/


OpaqueMove    1.1    An Opaque Window Movement Commodity

OpaqueMove is a commodity that provides opaque window movement for Intuition
windows.  That is, instead of simply moving the outline of a window, the
entire window contents are moved as you move the mouse.  The EGS window
system provides this capability, but does not extend it to standard Intuition
screens.  Hence this commodity.

   This commodity is intended for use with accelerated graphics cards such as
the @{i}GVP Spectrum. @{ui} Although it is possible to use it with standard
Amiga AGA screens, it is likely to be impractically slow except possibly in
single bitplane modes.  However, there are various controls which allow
selection of the conditions under which windows should be moved opaquely, and
under which they should be moved as an outline.

Author: Steve Koren
Path: AmigaLibDisk1041:Programs/OpaqueMove/


ProNET    1    Installs a network between 2 Amigas

ProNET  is  a hardware/software combination that installs a small network
between  two  and  NOT more Amigas.  This can be used to exchange data from
both  Amiga's  devices.   The difference between ParNet, written by Matthew
Dillon  and  others,  and  ProNET  is  that you can mount the other Amiga's
devices  as if they were present on this machine, that means you don't have
to  access  the  other 'DF0:' indirectly by using 'NET:df0/...' but you can
mount  it  as  e.g.   'DF2:'  on  this Amiga.  The other device is emulated
PERFECTLY,  so that you won't notice that it exists on the other machine in
fact - You can e.g.  access a disk in the other 'DF0:' by it's name instead
of having to use 'DF2:', then you can get full information about the status
(% full etc.) - just like as it was a real device in your first Amiga.
  Of course there are extra programs supplied known from ParNET, with which
you can start commands on the other Amiga or just talk between them.
  Full developer information is available for programmers that want to code
extra tools using the pronet.device.

Author: Michael Krause.
Path: AmigaLibDisk1041:Programs/ProNET/


VChess    3.1    Excellent chess game

A powerful fully functional (non crippled) shareware chess game
completely written in Amiga Oberon. The program has a lot of
features, is easy to use and don't needs much memory (only 400K).

Author: Stefan Salewski
Path: AmigaLibDisk1041:Programs/VChess/


VDisk    2.5    ASDG-ram like recoverable ram drive

vdisk.device is a driver for a recoverable RAM disk. It started 2 years
ago as a hack of ASDG-RAM (written by Perry S. Kivolowitz).  These hacked
versions (1.3 -> 1.12) were not distributed.  As of version 2.0, it has
been entirely rewritten, with many new features added :

 - Up to 16 units with virtually unlimited size (512 MB)
 - Dynamic memory allocation and (optionnaly) deallocation
 - Full support of all AmigaDOS Filesystems.
 - Will survive the heaviest system crashes as long as its own data is not
 - In case of a recovery failure, the cause can be reported by a support

Author: Etienne Vogt
Path: AmigaLibDisk1041:Programs/VDisk/

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