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Description Details
Name: Fish 0105  
File: Fish0105.lha
Size: 273 KB
Last file modification: 25.03.2013 - 21:53
Clicks this month: 0
Overall clicks: 6
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This download was added on 01.01.1970 - 02:00 by AndreasM

Last download on 21.12.2018 - 14:22

Requires: Amiga

AsmProgs	Some misc assembly tools, programs, etc. "AsmFilter"
		(actually in AmigaBASIC) turns the output of the
		Metacomco disassembler into a file that can be re-
		assembled. "AddKickMem" adds the KickStart memory to
		your free memory on an Amiga 1000 with Kickstart in
		ROM. "Clear" fills unused areas of memory with a
		specific byte pattern. "L" is a replacement for the
		BCPL "list" program, but with some graphics
		enhancements. "SharpFont" is an 8 pixel non-
		proportional font. "Stack" is a replacement for the
		BCPL stack program. Includes some source. Author: Glen
		McDiarmid and Kirk Davies

BasicProgs	Some more AmigaBASIC programs. LeastSquare solves least
		squares problems and graphs the results. Curves is a
		demo of one use for LeastSquare (find curves to fit a
		set of points). Freud is a Freudian analysis program.
		Includes source, needs AmigaBASIC from Extras. Author:
		George Trepal

Bison		A replacement for unix "yacc" command. This is from the
		GNU (GNU is Not Unix) effort, and was obtained from the
		Free Software Foundation. This is an update to the
		version on disk 51, with some more bug fixes provided
		by Fred Walter. Includes source. Author: Bob Corbett
		and Richard Stallman. Bug fixes by Johan Widen, Doug
		Leavitt, & Fred Walter

DrunkenMouse	Another cute program in the tradition of "display
		hacks". Includes source. Author: Alex Livshits

FlamKey		Installs a little key on the WorkBench screen title
		bar, and then waits in background until somebody clicks
		on the key. When activated, allows the keyboard and
		mouse inputs to be locked out until a password is
		entered. Shareware, binary only. Author: Alex Livshits

GravityWars	The object of this game is for one player to hit the
		other player's ship with a missle, before being hit
		yourself. The ships and planets don't move, but aiming
		the missle in the presence of gravity fields and black
		holes makes hitting your target difficult. Version 2.0,
		shareware, binary only. This is an update to the
		version on disk number 84. Author: Ed Bartz

IPo2C		A utility to write a C-language definition of the
		current intuition pointer to a file, which can then be
		used in a program via SetPointer to mimic the intuition
		pointer. Includes source. Author: Alex Livshits

Pere-et-Fils	Example of creating and using reentrant processes.
		Includes source. Author: Jean-Michel Forgeas

Record-Replay	A program that records a sequence of mouse and keyboard
		events as they occur and stores them in a file. The
		file can be played back to cause the same sequence of
		events to occur again. Very useful for creating
		demonstrations of programs or documenting repeatable
		bugs. This is version 2.0, an update to the version on
		disk 95. Shareware, binary only. Author: Alex Livshits
		and J-M. Forgeas

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