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Amiga Future

Beschreibung Details
Name: Fish 0006  
Datei: Fish0006.lha
Größe: 260.11 KB
Letzte Dateiaktualisierung: 25.03.2013 - 21:49
Klicks diesen Monat: 0
Klicks gesamt: 14
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Dieser Download wurde am 01.01.1970 - 02:00 von AndreasM hinzugefügt

Letzter Download am 08.04.2019 - 16:20

Benötigt: Amiga

compress	Compress reduces the size of the named files using
		adaptive Lempel-Ziv coding. The amount of compression
		obtained depends on the size of the input, the number
		of bits per code, and the distribution of common
		substrings. Typically, text such as source code or
		English is reduced by 50-60%. Compression is generally
		much better then that achieved by Huffman coding (as
		used in "pack") or adaptive Huffman coding (as used in
		"compact"), and takes less time to compute. Great for
		saving disk space, or reducing transmission time over
		phone lines! Also includes "btoa" and "atob" for
		converting binary files to ascii, and then back to
		binary (for transmission over links that do not support
		8 bits). Author: Thomas Spencer, with improvements by

dadc		A digital computer impersonating an analog clock
		impersonating a digital clock. Author: Perry S.

microemacs	An upgraded version of microemacs originally
		distributed on disk number 2. I don't have an exact
		list of changes but the new executable is about 25%
		larger, so there must be something in there! One
		enhancement is that some functions are now also bound
		to function keys. Author: Dave Conroy, with
		enhancements by Jack Roose.

mult		Mult reads the input comparing adjacent lines. In the
		normal case, the second and succeeding copies of
		repeated lines are output, and the remainder of the
		lines are removed. Repeated lines must be adjacent in
		order to be found. Options are present to output the
		first of multiple lines, for comparing adjacent lines
		by field only, and for specifying the field separator
		character. Kind of the opposite of the Unix "uniq"
		program. Author: Dennis Bednar

scales		Demonstrates use of the Audio functions in the ROM to
		produce four voice sound. It uses a simple waveform
		(sawtooth) with no amplitude control (ie, envelope) or
		frequency variation (ie, vibrato), but these can be
		easily implemented. Also includes considerable
		documentation on audio device. Author: Steven A.

setparallel	Allows the CLI user to dynamically change any
		particular parallel port parameter. Author: Keith
		Stobie and Tom Pohorsky

setserial	Allows the CLI user to dynamically change any
		particular serial port parameter. Author: Keith Stobie
		and Tom Pohorsky

sortc		A quicksort based sort program, using separate driver
		and sort modules. Originally from a DECUS C
		distribution. Claims to be fast, but when operating
		entirely out of ram takes 93 seconds to sort its input
		file, sort.c, while AmigaDos's sort takes only 43
		seconds under the same conditions. Author: Dave Conroy,
		Martin Minow, and Ray Van Tassle

stripc		Strips comments and extraneous whitespace from C source
		files. Useful for compacting the C header files to
		increase usable disk space. Author: Chris Metcalf

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