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Amiga Future

Beschreibung Details
Name: Fish 0005  
Datei: Fish0005.lha
Größe: 264.74 KB
Letzte Dateiaktualisierung: 25.03.2013 - 21:49
Klicks diesen Monat: 0
Klicks gesamt: 24
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Dieser Download wurde am 01.01.1970 - 02:00 von AndreasM hinzugefügt

Letzter Download am 08.04.2019 - 16:20

Benötigt: Amiga

cons		Console device demo program with supporting macro
		routines. Author: Rob Peck 12/1/85

freemap		Creates a visual diagram of free memory. Comes with
		custom icon so can be run from workbench screen.
		Author: Robert J. Mical	In combination with hander.interface.asm (supplied),
		lets a user trap keyboard or mouse events before they
		get to Intuition and if desired, install new
		(phony/generated/other-devices-mouse-simulations) into
		the input stream. Handler.interface.asm is needed to
		convert the calling sequence performed by the
		input.task for the input stream management into
		something that a C program can understand. Author: Rob
		Peck 12/1/85

joystick	Shows how to set up the gameport device as a joystick.
		Reports parameters received from joystick hooked to
		right port. Author: Rob Peck 12/1/85

keyboard	Sample program to demonstrate direct communications
		with the keyboard. Author: Rob Peck 12/1/85

layers		Shows use of the layers library, used by Intuition to
		create windows (layers handles all overlapping drawing
		areas and keeps things straight, sending to the back,
		bringing to the front, making larger/smaller, etc.)
		Author: Rob Peck 12/1/85

mandelbrot	Latest and greatest mandelbrot program. New features
		include the ability to save images in "iff" format, for
		reading into Deluxe Paint or other programs that use
		iff. Also includes code from GraphiCraft to handle
		color palette and change colors at will. Many additions
		by RJ Mical. Author: Robert French

mouse		Shows how to set up the gameport device as a mouse so
		that hooking up the mouse to the right port gives
		access to mouse information. Author: Rob Peck 12/1/85

one.window	Produces a window with a console attached. Does
		graphics in the top half and limits the console
		activity to the lower half. Author: Rob Peck 12/18/85

parallel	Demonstrates access to the parallel port. Author: Tom
		Pohorsky 12/1/85

printer		Shows how to open and use a printer, does a screen dump
		of the workbench screen if there is a graphics-capable
		printer attached. Currently does not compile under
		Lattice C Ver3.02 and does not link under Lattice C
		Ver3.03. Author: Rob Peck 12/1/85	Printer support routines. Currently won't compile,
		missing a header file "local.h". Author: unknown

proctest	Sample code to create a process, set up message ports,
		pass messages, etc. Sample slave code for create
		process test (littleproc.c) currently does not link
		under either Lattice C 3.02 or 3.03 (unresolved global
		variables not in libraries). Author: Rob Peck 1/4/86

region		Demonstrates how a drawing area can be split into
		linked rectangular regions. Draws a rectangle in a
		single playfield display, then draws "Behind a Fence"
		several times behind an apparent fence in the
		rectangle. Only works under Lattice Ver3.03. Author:
		Rob Peck 12/1/85

samplefont	A sample font that produces clubs, hearts, spaces, and
		diamonds as its four characters. Shows precisely what
		is contained in an Amiga font. Author: Unknown

serial		Demonstrates access to the serial port. Requires an
		external terminal connected to the serial port. Author:

singlePlayfield	Creates and displays a 320 by 200 by 2 bit
		plane single playfield display. Completely covers
		Intuition's display, but gives the system back at exit.
		Author: Rob Peck 12/1/85

speechtoy	Latest and greatest version of Dave's cute speech demo
		program. Comes with custom icon so can be run from a
		workbench screen. Author: Dave Lucas

speech.demo	A much simplified version of speechtoy. Also includes
		exec support functions for extended IO requests,
		CreateExtIO() to allocate and initialize a new IO
		request block and DeleteExtIO() to free an extended IO
		request block. Author: Rob Peck 12/1/85

text.demo	Sample program that asks AvailFonts() to make a list of
		the fonts that are available, then opens a window and
		then prints a description of the various attributes
		that can be applied to the fonts, in the font itself.
		Previous versions were released as "whichfont". Author:
		Rob Peck 12/1/85

timer		Simple timer example program. Includes dynamic
		allocation of data structures needed to communicate
		with the timer device, as well as the actual device IO.
		Author: Rob Peck 12/1/85

trackdisk	Demonstrates use of trackdisk driver. Useful example of
		"raw" disk read/write. Author Rob Peck 12/1/85

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