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Amiga Future Forum Index -> ASD -> CD-ROM -> Distributor APC&TCP -> Developer Tony Hasselbacher -> Detail The Scene Archives 9
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The Scene Archives 9
Category CD-ROM
Publishing Year 1999
Developer Tony Hasselbacher
Distributor APC&TCP
Publishing type commercial
Directlink to this
Posted by AndreasM
What is the Scene Archives?

The Scene Archives is a biggest collection of Amiga Scene Material. How Big?

Currently, as of the 29th of September 1999, The Scene Archives contains over 9090 disks worth of Scene Material. This equates to over 8 gig of material !!. (This figure is assuming 880k a floppy).

Why would anyone be crazy to Collect all of this ?

Well.. this is the hardest question.. I sometimes wonder why myself. But When I reached 4000 disks, I thought I had all the demos there was !!.. Boy I was so wrong.. Now it has more then doubled this figure, and I am no-where near to the collection of every single piece of Scene History.. (But getting closer all the time ) I have enough stuff on my Hard Drive, that I can make up another CD (there is around 1000 disks on my HD!). But the problem is time.. Not enuff time to sort thru it all.. But eventually it all will get onto the CD's So how Big is it all ?

Well, currently the collection takes up 9 CD's. Each CD contains 1000 disks. So this means that there are 8000 disks on the CD's in total. The 9th CD will be coming out end of 1999(as I have enough stuff for this CD right now). I expect this 8th CD to be out around March sometime (I hold no primises), as it is amazing, how long all this stuff takes to do.. I estimate it takes around 300 hours to make the actual CD up, and around 1500+ hours to actually sort the stuff out in the beginning, so it is al ready to do onto CD .. This is only for Each CD.. Now finished the 9th CD! What do the Classifications Mean?


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