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The Amiga Future 164 was released on the September 4th.

The Amiga Future 164 was released on the September 4th.
The Amiga Future 164 was released on the September 4th.

The Amiga Future 164 was released on the September 4th.
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Amiga38 special issue: Appeal to all programmers ended (4. August 2023)

On June 22nd we asked programmers to describe their own programs in a short text which was then im
Amiga Future special issue for the Amiga 38 is published.

Here is the link to the original report from June: ... s_id=41001

We also promised that a free annual subscription to the Amiga Future would be raffled among all participants.

Because of the release of the ASM 2023, the whole thing has been delayed a bit. And a suitable software release is currently being prepared "on the side".
Yes, we are really short of time at the moment. :)

But now the winner has been determined and has already been notified by us by email.

Of course, more texts can be sent in. But we can't promise at the moment whether there's really room for it.

Amiga38 special issue: Appeal to all programmers (22. June + 9. July 2023)

At the Amiga38, as at the Amiga37 event, there will once again be a special issue of our Amiga Future, that each visitor will receive free of charge at the entrance to the event.

The events floor plan will be laid out in it, additionally there will also be information about its exhibitors, vouchers, etc., and we intend to have a special section in this issue where programmers can showcase their programs/games.

We are specifically interested regarding programmers and their work, something that you rarely hear about on news sites, etc., but would likely be of great interest and important to many users.

To highlight this section, each programmer will be offered by us up to 4,000 characters (not words!), (2,000 characters for each language - German/English) to enhance this special issue, where they can present their work to users in their own words. The text should be available in both German and English, but don't worry, we'll help translate your text if necessary. We intend to leave your wording as supplied, but don't just slap a few lines together, take your time, make it interesting, maybe funny, and try to pay attention to your spelling. :) As this section is there to showcase your software for free.

The guidelines are simple:

- Deadline for submission is August 1st, 2023 via email to
- The sooner we have the text, the better.
- The German and English text can each be 2000 characters long. So a maximum total of 4000 characters.
- Please send the text as just an ASCII file. (file size = number of characters)
- The text must have a source for the software at the end (e.g. Aminet link) and of course the name of the programmer.
- It is of course possible for a programmer to submit several ideas about a variety of programs/games.
- The era of the program does not matter.

The space in this special issue is inevitably limited.

That's why those program presentations that reach us earliest, and are written best, will be selected first for insertion in the magazine.
Of course, any other submissions won't end up in the bin, but they will end up being published on our homepage and/or the Amiga Future CoverCD.
So nothing submitted will be ignored or lost.

If you have any other questions, on how it all works, just write an email to

Since our Amiga Future magazine turned 25 this year, we will raffle among all participants a prize of an annual subscription of Amiga Future with CoverCD.

Amiga Future subscription campaign ended - more pages from issue 163 (19. May 2023)

In April we had a subscription campaign for the Amiga Future.
The purpose of the campaign was to get enough new subscriptions to permanently increase the number of pages in the Amiga Future by 4 pages.
Unfortunately, the goal was missed.

Nevertheless, the Amiga Future will have more pages from issue 163 onwards. The remaining costs will be paid by APC&TCP.
This means that every Amiga Future issue has 56 instead of 52 pages.

But we're not satisfied with that. The Amiga Future is 25 years old this year and we hope that we can increase the number of pages again.

Amiga Future subscription campaign for more pages (6. April 2023)

An Amiga Future issue currently has 52 (+4) pages.
+4 means that we temporarily have four additional pages in each issue due to the amount of advertisements.

However, we generally want to increase the number of pages in the Amiga Future in order to have more space for editorial content.
There is more than enough for testing. We only need the space for it and of course a few editors and translators as well.

In order to be able to finance this permanently, we simply need more subscribers. Well ... a couple of long-term advertisers for the magazine and homepage wouldn't be bad either, but this is only about the subscribers and the number of pages.

We have calculated the whole thing more precisely. In order to be able to finance four additional pages, we need 24 NEW subscribers. For eight pages we need 48 NEW subscribers.
Ideally, subscriptions with CoverCD.

That's why we started a counter with immediate effect. If we create 24 new subscriptions by the 10. Mai 2023 , we will have four more pages in each issue of the Amiga Future in the future. With 48 new subscriptions even eight pages more.

And if there are more than 48 new subscriptions ... Well, let's think about it if the miracle should really happen. ;)

You can find the current status of the campaign on the Amiga Future Webpage at the top.

25 years of Amiga Future (2. April 2023)

Just about 25 years ago the first edition of Amiga Future saw the light of day. In that era, the Amiga Future was still published for sale via newsagents, and high-street magazine retailers as a special issue produced by ICP-Verlag. Since issue 27, the Amiga Future magazine has been created and distributed entirely by just our editorial team, and since issue 67 Amiga Future has been available as both German and English editions.

When the magazine was founded, 25 years ago, the Amiga Future was intended solely for the games market, as hardware or applications featured only a small section in it. However, this has changed significantly over the last few decades, and now all aspects related to the Amiga are dealt with in our magazine. Occasionally there are topics that seem to have little or nothing to do with the Amiga, but that is usually quite rare and is likely to remain so in the Amiga's future!

Actually, our 25 year anniversary is worthy of being celebrated in a big way, but we don't have the means to do that, let alone the time. You see, we're not a big publisher, so we've decided to spread our anniversary celebrations throughout the year.

That's why this page exists. Here we will start various campaigns throughout 2023 and present you with information. Just visit from time to time.

So, we have a fantastic raffle with many and varied prizes to be won in our current issue. There will also be various background articles featuring the Amiga Future over the next few issues, along with other ideas that we are likely to implement later on, during this year.

Our Android news app is back working again. The new version is still at a beta stage, but progress is being made. If everything goes well, the app will be much improved and more extensive than ever before. We recommend that all users of the Android app always download the latest updates from the Playstore and regularly check the app's settings for improvements.

We are currently working on issue 161 of the Amiga Future, so lots of updates are being planned for our homepage.

The article database is to be expanded yet further this year, and all issues of the Amiga Joker are to be integrated on our website (PDFs are already online) with many sold-out issues of the Amiga Future also due to be accessible on it. In addition, a plethora of full versions are still waiting for publication on the Amiga Future webpage.

Of course, our goal this year is to increase our number of new readers and subscribers as much as possible. That would mean wider circulation and as a result more pages could finally be made possible for us all to enjoy even more.

In any case, we want you to be able to enjoy reading our content for many years to come. :)

Andreas Magerl