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The Amiga Future 149 was released on the March 3rd.

The Amiga Future 149 was released on the March 3rd.
The Amiga Future 149 was released on the March 3rd.

The Amiga Future 149 was released on the March 3rd.
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Amiga Future Promotion: Sample issue for 1 cent

Many Amiga users still don't know of the Amiga Future magazine.  Sadly, all the events and fairs where you could have met magazine staff and looked through an Amiga Future issue have been cancelled this year. That's why we decided to offer you some sample issues.

We want you to become familiar with the magazine and feel the benefits it has to offer, so we hope you will consider ordering a subscription to the Amiga Future magazine.

Anyway, you can order a sample issue of the Amiga Future from our online shop for only 1 cent plus shipping costs. We are sure you understand that we need to charge shipping costs, as we're a hobby publisher.

The sample issue is merely an older regular issue of the Amiga Future.

Via the URL ... cts_id=321 you can choose to receive either the German or English sample issue.

The sample issue may suffer a slight delay of just a few days, as the latest edition of the Amiga Future is due to be released in the next few days, so as a result we are still extremely busy finalising that issue.

We cannot estimate how great the interest might be in these sample issues, but in any case there is no time limit on this offer, but once the sample issues are no longer listed in the shop, all sold, then the campaign and being able to buy one of these samples, will end.

Here is a link to the information about the Amiga Future: app.php/info/

In any case you can find and read, for free, more than 100 issues of the Amiga Future online: app.php/kb/index

You can also find us on: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and there is also a free Android app. app.php/everywhere

Gamescom 2020 retro area Partner

Youtube Video release coming soon!

On three days, always starting at 2 p.m., we'll be live-streaming for an hour, talking about current Amiga retro scene developments and indulging in nostalgia.

Friday, 28th Aug. 2020: we'll begin the show with a brief overview on all those true Amiga gaming machines: Amiga 500(+), 600, 1200 and CD32.
Of course we'll also tell you the dos and don'ts regarding Amiga attic finds and how to safely get them into the new millenium.
Then we'll talk about one very recent game which got lots of well deserved attention and which only *looks* like another jump'n run: Tiny Little Slug.
To really dive deep into the good old times you'll require some decent equipment, of course: joysticks and joypads, including a Competition Pro workshop for Gamescom visitors.
Finally we'll take a look at some Amiga classics which aged real well and still provide lots of fun.

Saturday, 29th Aug. 2020: a chit chat with Richard Löwenstein about the old days, how to develop for the Amiga in modern ways and about the Reshoot series.
But the Amiga wasn't just about gaming but also buro software! This is where the boys seperate from the men: real coders, graphicians and musicians show their talents and squeeze every little bit out of the Amiga hardware. Let's enjoy those worlds of color and sound together. And yes, you're right, we were kidding: it's about demos and not spreadsheets, of course.
After that our special guest John Girvin gives us an introduction into the his slave labour and game coding and we'll find out more about WHDLoad.
And then it's Amiga game classics time again.

Sunday, 30th. Aug. 2020: We won‘t be visiting a dark Space Station, because Fred needs our help on all his adventures, in Fred‘s Journey.
Then we're happy to present an exclusive interview with Grame Cowie. We'll talk about the fantastic job he did with his Amiga ports and his Amiga game development blog / Youtube channel where he's paving the way for upcoming Amiga coding legends.
Afterwards we'll demonstrate how to sniff some Amiga air through emulation, in case you don't have any classic hardware at your hands.
Then it's time to say good-bye - but not without checking out some golden classic games before.

The one rule for those three days is: ST users, ST-FU and don't cry too much.

Our stream-team:

Bernd Schmidt
Amiga Future job: translation / cover CD
First computer: Commodore Plus/4
First game: The Return of Rockman
Favorite genre: RPG, simulations

Born 1977 Bernd is a true child of the 80s and a gamer with all his heart and soul. When he's not busy playing old or new games, he likes bernd-plaining the advantages of open-source software to others. Which is good because it allowed him to turn his hobby into his job. Although his wife (who's an Amiga Future translator too) probably won't like it, he hopes that he passed the gamer-gen to their two kiddies. Since early 2020 "sport" made it to his list of hobbies, no idea how that happened. Let's hope that he's fit enough to make it through this one hour live stream!

Daniel "Daytona675x" Müßener
Build year: 1977
Hobbies: motorcycle, Amiga, reading (W40k, PR)
Amiga Future job: translation / Gamescom minion
First computer: breadbin 64
First game: Wizard of Wor
Favorite genre: Danmaku
Facebook 1:
Youtube 1: ... XhdgW_DkhQ
Facebook 2:
Youtube 2: ... tJ9rERMksQ

Coding since the age of 10, he managed to turn the hobby into the job around 1999. Was involved in some commercial mobile-/PC-games (e.g. Rocket Racing League, Galactic Bowling, Inception Mindcrime, Emergency 5) and rediscovered the Amiga after a long and total abstinence in 2010. From then on he has been coding quite a few NG Amiga games (e.g. all Cherry-Darling games, Battle Squadron Deluxe, Tower57), implemented OpenGL ES 2 for AmigaOS4 and is currently working with Torben B. Larsen (Hybris, Battle Squadron) on "Hyperborea" (A1200 / CD32), a bullet-hell shmup which actually deserves that description... In his real life he's mostly writing special software for the energy industry and hangs out with his daughter Zoey, wife Ria and the parrots Xena, Mambo and Peterchen.
Oh, and he never ever made any live-stream session before :-)

Some Links

Tiny Little Slug

Black Dawn Rebirth

Fred's Journey

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Graeme Cowie's Dev-Blog

Graeme Cowie's (Dev-)Youtube Channel

John Girvin's Homepage (NIVRIG GAMES)

John Girvin's Youtube Channel (NIVRIG GAMES) ... tILBrP13A/

Richard Löwenstein Homepage

Demo "State of the Art" (by Spaceballs)

Demo "Ikadalawampu" (by Loonies)