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The Amiga Future 148 was released on the January 11th.

The Amiga Future 148 was released on the January 11th.
The Amiga Future 148 was released on the January 11th.

The Amiga Future 148 was released on the January 11th.
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Amiga Future: cheats database Update

Published 10.03.2018 - 09:04 by AndreasM


The cheats database of Amiga Future is updates weekly by David Jahn, even at first sight if it is not immediately apparent.

The cheat database on the Amiga Future webpage is probably the biggest German collection for the Amiga. [...]
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News posted by: AndreasM

Chris Hülsbeck, double CD remix album

Published 09.03.2018 - 20:40 by HelmutH


07.03.2018 Chris Hülsbeck, double CD remix album, free to download!

Here it is! Our new album is out now! [...]
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Amiga graphic archive update

Published 09.03.2018 - 20:14 by HelmutH


09.03.2018 Amiga graphic archive update

On 03.02.2018 LyCheSis has updated his Amiga graphics archive page with new pictures of Karate Kid 2 and Master Axe. [...]
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Amiga Future: New full versions online

Published 08.03.2018 - 16:22 by AndreasM


The download area of the Amiga Future was updated today. So, you can now find the following full versions online:

Relics of Deldroneye [...]
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Tunnels & Trolls 3.2beta released

Published 08.03.2018 - 08:57 by AndreasM


Tunnels & Trolls released in the Version Version 3.2beta for AmigaOS 2.x.

is an implementation of the Tunnels & Trolls game (5th Edition), in its solitaire form, consisting of the game engine and 24 adventures: [...]
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More videos for Amiga online

Published 08.03.2018 - 08:57 by AndreasM

On the following links you will find your other Youtube-Video about the Amiga, which were released in the last days:

MIGs Yesterchips - Folge #075 vortex Golden Gate (Teil 2)

Die Golden Gate ist eine Diva, nein, sie kann eine regelrechte Zicke sein. Auf ein paar ihrer Features, als auch ihrer Schrullen schauen wir in dieser Folge. Wer brachte nun die besseren Bridgeboards? Commodore oder doch vortex? [...]
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AmigaOS 4: liblua V5.2.4 released

Published 07.03.2018 - 16:25 by HelmutH

05.03.2018 liblua V5.2.4 released

The Lua Team has released a new version of liblua.

This is not the latest version, but seems to be the most compatible version at the time of compiling. [...]
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AmigaOS 4 Spiel: StuntCarRemake V1.0 published

Published 07.03.2018 - 16:14 by HelmutH

03.03.2018 StuntCarRemake V1.0 published

This is an AmigaOS 4 port of Stunt Car Remake, a remake of the legendary Stunt Car Racer.
The Game needs MiniGL and Warp3D to work.
It also uses SDL, SDL_ttf and OpenAL libraries.

AmigaOS 4: SDL2 V2.07 was published

Published 07.03.2018 - 16:00 by HelmutH

03.03.2018 SDL2 V2.07 was published

At the Simple DirectMedia Layer 2 by Sam Lantinga and others made these changes:

* Added audio stream conversion functions: [...]
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AmigaOS 4: MilkyTracker SDL2 V1.02 released

Published 07.03.2018 - 15:40 by HelmutH

03.03.2018 MilkyTracker SDL2 V1.02 released

The Milkytracker team provided a new SDL2 version of their FT2-compatible music tracker.

This is a new Milkytracker port for AmigaOS 4 that requires an SDL2 library.