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The Amiga Future 146 was released on the September 3rd.

The Amiga Future 146 was released on the September 3rd.
The Amiga Future 146 was released on the September 3rd.

The Amiga Future 146 was released on the September 3rd.
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New WookieChat Beta online

Published 31.08.2007 - 11:35 by AndreasM

From WookieChat are a new Beta for Classic Amiga, AmigaOS 4, MorphOS and AROS online.

  • Added UTF8 to ASCII conversion for incoming messages, and ASCII to UTF8 conversion for outgoing messages. Toggle it on and off with "/UTF8 on" and "/UTF8 off". Each server has its own setting, so you can chat happily with UTF8 on one network, and normal ASCII on another network. Tip: I havent added this option to the GUI yet, so for now you can add /utf8 on to your perform on connect script. Also, make sure you update your language catalogs, because I'm getting rid of « and » characters in Wookie. They are not valid characters for a few codesets, and they do not show up properly in utf8 conversions (They appear as question marks).
  • I'm continuing to rejigger the graphical smiley options. Text files detailing graphical smiley sets are only detected in progdir:smilies/ if they have ".theme" somewhere in the filename. Also, the first line in each smiley set must start with a comment. i.e. #this is a comment It's to help prevent crashes from wookie trying to load smiley themes that arent really themes. Bandaid coding at its best! I know you love it.
  • NBitmap was introduced with the latest nlist.mcc release for OS4 users. I'm now utilising it, and all graphical images used for nicklists and smileys will now use colour 0 as a transparency. (for OS4 users though).
  • I've changed the layout of the GUI again, as long filenames for graphical smiley sets were causing WookieChats Settings window to become very wide.
  • I've increased the maximum amount of smiley graphics to 35, and the maximum number of ASCII representations for each smiley graphics to 30.

MorphOS: New Beta from otrMUI released

Published 31.08.2007 - 11:34 by AndreasM

otrMUI released in the Version 0.11beta for MorphOS.


Fix: Found the bug, where if you start otrMUI with "Run >NIL:", a hit occured after the program exits [...]
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New AmiKit 1.4.0 at Pianeta Amiga

Published 31.08.2007 - 11:33 by AndreasM

We are pleased to announce that the new full version of AmiKit 1.4.0 has been sent to beta-testers today. The official public release will be introduced at Pianeta Amiga show in Empoli, Italy (September 22nd and 23rd).

New Aminet Uploads

Published 31.08.2007 - 10:46 by AndreasM

IBcc.lha 1.3 comm/www 64 54K m68k-amigaos IBrowse Cache Cleaner - (readme)
AMOSlist-1998-07.lha dev/amos 0 110K generic AMOS-list archives for July 1998 - (readme)


SmartFileSystem Update released

Published 30.08.2007 - 12:10 by AndreasM

SmartFileSystem released in the Version 1.275 for Classic Amiga and AmigaOS 4.


Replaced mutexes by semaphores again. [...]
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New Aminet Uploads

Published 30.08.2007 - 12:09 by AndreasM

adept-bomberbob.lha demo/intro 5 28K Bomberbob cracktro by Adept

Apevia Summer Discounts

Published 30.08.2007 - 10:53 by AndreasM

Until September 30, 2007, Vesalia offer Apevia bargains with drastically reduced prices for a selection of Apevia cases: Apevia Bargains.

Big Amiga Future Article Update

Published 29.08.2007 - 10:52 by AndreasM

The article database of the Amiga Future homepage has seen a comprehensive update.

By now you can read over 2000 articles online in the article database.

Roughly 150 of these are in English language. [...]
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Amiga Inc: New Document online

Published 28.08.2007 - 14:42 by AndreasM found and release a document with the info that Amiga Inc was 2003/2004 insolvent.

Its a Fax from Gary Gare. ... re_fax.tif [...]
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AmiArcadia Update released

Published 28.08.2007 - 11:52 by AndreasM

AmiArcadia, a Emerson Arcadia Emulator, released in the Version 4.52 for Classic Amiga with AmigaOS 3.5 or more.