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The Amiga Future 157 was released on the July 9th.

The Amiga Future 157 was released on the July 9th.
The Amiga Future 157 was released on the July 9th.

The Amiga Future 157 was released on the July 9th.
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New uploads in Aminet

Published 30.07.2022 - 09:07 by AndreasM

Aminet is the largest legal collection of software for the Amiga.
Founded in 1992, it has become the first point of contact for users who are looking for software for the Amiga.

In general, the software is uploaded directly by its programmer. For your information, Aminet now stores approximately 30 GB of data.
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News posted by: AndreasM

vAmiga 2.1b5 released

Published 29.07.2022 - 01:33 by AndreasM

vAmiga released in the Version 2.1b5.


Added support for ECS register DIWHIGH (#723) [...]
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Podcast Episode #145 - Christian Leuenberg

Published 29.07.2022 - 01:32 by AndreasM

Scene World write:

Once having been our webmaster, Christian Leuenberg returns to the retro gaming scene working on the German podcast "To Be On Pod", we talk about the good old times, his current and upcoming plans for the retro hobby! ... leuenberg/

Amiwest 2022 progress report

Published 26.07.2022 - 15:35 by AndreasM

Amiwest 2022 October 22-23rd

In honor of the 25th incarnation of Amiwest, the organizing team has been hard at work putting together an amazing show. First, the show hotel is currently under renovation and will be complete in September. So many attendees who stay in the hotel will be treated to refreshed rooms. The show hall is getting a new modern look with better lighting, a welcome change.

Our featured banquet speaker will be Tim Jenison of NewTek fame. This accomplished engineer created one of the most ambitious Amiga peripherals, the Video Toaster. Since then, he has moved on to explore many other fascinating challenges. Join us on Saturday, Oct 22nd, to welcome Tim to Amiwest! [...]
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Huenision Update released

Published 26.07.2022 - 15:34 by AndreasM

A Update of Huenision released.


* Added experimental code to have the Steam on-screen keyboard open automatically when text entering is requested (totally untested due to lack of a Steam Deck; chances are it will not work, as the game is completely software-rendered; feedback welcome). [...]
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Greg Donner Page News

Published 26.07.2022 - 15:32 by AndreasM

Greg Donner write:

Warp 4060: Posted an update to the News/Updates page from Warp Discord admin Peter containing assorted photos and MP4 videos of his visit to CS-Labs.

Blue Thunder/Tidbits: Added a new three-view drawing contributed by Artur Kredovitz. [...]
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Trevors Blog: Summer greetings

Published 26.07.2022 - 00:29 by AndreasM

While the Northern Hemisphere is suffering under a sweltering heatwave, so far the New Zealand winter has been wet, windy and wild. It's hard to believe this is my first blog of 2022. Where have I been, you may ask? If you are a reader of Amiga Future magazine you will know I've been heads down working on the second volume of 'From Vultures to Vampires', the book I'm co-authoring with David Pleasance. It's been a fascinating journey of discovery and, without giving too much away, it has given me a new found respect for the breadth and diversity of the whole Amiga community. My message to all Amiga enthusiasts is just enjoy your Amiga hobby whatever form it may take. With the book almost finished, apart from the final layout and proofreading, I can finally get my life back. The only problem is, volume 2 is almost twice the size of the first volume and with massively rising production and shipping costs, David may need to spilt it into two volumes. Watch this space.

How we are working to keep our European Customers Happy

Published 25.07.2022 - 13:06 by AndreasM

by Stephen Jones with Phil South (July 2022)

I thought now would be a good time to talk about something our European friends and fellow Amiga fans might not be aware of. The shipping of goods from the UK to around the EU has changed, as you may know, and this has made life really complicated for many businesses in the UK, especially those like ours trying to serve a worldwide enthusiast market.

So “Brexit” happened, and right off the bat let me assure you that I personally didn’t vote for it. Before “Brexit”, consumers of our cases, for experimentation with, and emulation of classic computers was a fairly consistent three way split, 30% in the USA, and the same in the UK and Europe and about 10% over the rest of the world. [...]
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Amiga Videos on Youtube

Published 24.07.2022 - 12:49 by AndreasM

Almost every day new videos about the Amiga are published on Youtube.

In this weekly news report we want to list these videos for you.

Of course, this is just a small selection. We don't know all the Youtube channels around the Amiga either. [...]
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Virtual dimension: Where the past meets the future

Published 24.07.2022 - 12:48 by AndreasM

35 years of gaming experience, as well as 20 years worth of Internet videos - Virtual Dimension has been dealing with the digital world for many years to report on interesting, as well as, background information. Whether that's the C64, Amiga, PC, Atari or Schneider: Virtual Dimension knows the history of computer gaming and so gives you the chance to glance backwards while at the same time looking forward to the future.

Since our last announcement, Virtual Dimension has now put the following videos online:

Pioneer Plague #1: Angriff der Killer-Roboter (RetroPlay/Amiga) [...]
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