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The Amiga Future 148 was released on the January 11th.

The Amiga Future 148 was released on the January 11th.
The Amiga Future 148 was released on the January 11th.

The Amiga Future 148 was released on the January 11th.
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Supporters gala for the Retro Games Club

Published 29.10.2020 - 20:56 by AndreasM

Retro Games Club wrote:

“Supporter Gala” for the Retro Games Club, the “playable museum” in Hamburg ( on December 5th, 2020 on twitch as “retro_kompott”, on youtube under “retrokompott”

We want to hold a kind of donation gala with Twitch Stream on December 5th, 2020 from 12 noon to at least midnight in order to give our Games Museum a future after the second lockdown in November and so far no government support.
The idea of ​​some visitors and those interested in retro should now be serious, a 12-hour stream with a varied program, not just from the retro area.
Maybe you want to participate with your project and play a time slot online via zoom (you can of course also use the content for your projects). This means we can all pull together, bundle the community and maybe even attract wider attention. Whether half an hour or longer, every participation helps us to attract more attention and as a side effect you can of course also talk about your projects and ideas. We are open to almost anything.
If you can / want to support us, please contact us by email ( for further information exchange. On the homepage you will also find information about us, a short summary of the cultural authority in the letter that we are currently considered a museum under construction follows at the end of the text. An announcement of our campaign in social media etc would of course help us a lot.

“The Retro Games Club is classified as a museum under construction dedicated to an important part of digital popular culture. There are currently 50 ready-to-play exhibits on 160 square meters. In addition, further devices, an archive of historical journals and hundreds of original games from the last 50 years were compiled. The aim of the Retro Games Club is to document and bring to life the development of computer technology and video game culture from the 1950s to the turn of the millennium. The collection is built up through targeted purchases and donations in kind from the “computer community”. The collection is maintained in its own workshop. In addition to the opportunity to play and try things out, the Retro Games Club wants to offer readings, lectures and forums for professional exchange. A podcast series that has existed for several years documents the good networking of the operators in the relevant scene.

After a lengthy build-up and information phase, full regular operation should begin in March 2020. The already established offer should be supplemented by cooperation with schools and universities. All these efforts were stopped by Corona and the measures of the HmbSARS-CoV-2 containment regulation. "

Many Thanks

The team from the Retro Games Club Hamburg

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