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The Amiga Future 167 will be released on the 5th March.

The Amiga Future 167 will be released on the 5th March.
The Amiga Future 167 will be released on the 5th March.

The Amiga Future 167 will be released on the 5th March.
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Amiga38 special issue: Appeal to all programmers

Published 25.07.2023 - 17:56 by AndreasM

News originally published on: 09.07.2023 - 16:16

At the Amiga38, as at the Amiga37 event, there will once again be a special issue of our Amiga Future, that each visitor will receive free of charge at the entrance to the event.

The events floor plan will be laid out in it, additionally there will also be information about its exhibitors, vouchers, etc., and we intend to have a special section in this issue where programmers can showcase their programs/games.

We are specifically interested regarding programmers and their work, something that you rarely hear about on news sites, etc., but would likely be of great interest and important to many users.

To highlight this section, each programmer will be offered by us up to 4,000 characters (not words!), (2,000 characters for each language - German/English) to enhance this special issue, where they can present their work to users in their own words. The text should be available in both German and English, but don't worry, we'll help translate your text if necessary. We intend to leave your wording as supplied, but don't just slap a few lines together, take your time, make it interesting, maybe funny, and try to pay attention to your spelling. :) As this section is there to showcase your software for free.

The guidelines are simple:

- Deadline for submission is August 1st, 2023 via email to
- The sooner we have the text, the better.
- The German and English text can each be 2000 characters long. So a maximum total of 4000 characters.
- Please send the text as just an ASCII file. (file size = number of characters)
- The text must have a source for the software at the end (e.g. Aminet link) and of course the name of the programmer.
- It is of course possible for a programmer to submit several ideas about a variety of programs/games.
- The era of the program does not matter.

The space in this special issue is inevitably limited.

That's why those program presentations that reach us earliest, and are written best, will be selected first for insertion in the magazine.
Of course, any other submissions won't end up in the bin, but they will end up being published on our homepage and/or the Amiga Future CoverCD.
So nothing submitted will be ignored or lost.

If you have any other questions, on how it all works, just write an email to

Since our Amiga Future magazine turned 25 this year, we will raffle among all participants a prize of an annual subscription of Amiga Future with CoverCD.

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