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The Amiga Future 157 will be released on the 5th July.

The Amiga Future 157 will be released on the 5th July.
The Amiga Future 157 will be released on the 5th July.

The Amiga Future 157 will be released on the 5th July.
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APC&TCP and Amiga Future: 2020 - 2021

Published 28.12.2020 - 11:03 by AndreasM

A mini-preview for what's coming along in 2021:

There's a hell of a lot going on in the background here, but you'd barely realise much about that from where you are. In any case most of my magazine's colleagues might only notice that I'm extremely busy, but never bother to ask why!

Corona-virus has brought us our fair share of troubles in 2020. It obviously cost us quite a lot in sales and profit which of course has to be addressed and balanced out somehow.

However, at this moment we still have no plan as to how we can manage that. Theoretically we could be going to Gamescom, Amiga 35, Amiga 36, CC in 2021, but that is still only written in the stars, as to whether they will be confirmed and actually take place at all, though here at AmigaFuture we are raring to take part, while acting responsibly.

The successor to RESHOOT R will get released, that's for sure. Richard is a very, very hardworking guy, but there is currently no release date set as yet.

The new Amiga Future Archive DVD (DVD9 disc) should get released during 2021, but due to Corona-virus we had to postpone it to the 3rd quarter of 2021, sadly, at the earliest.

However, we are currently in negotiations for a re-release of a well-known game, and that looks pretty good so far.

Another, somewhat unknown game is also currently being negotiated, tested and priced. I call it a re-release, even if that is not entirely the case!

We are also planning to publish a translated version of an English book, though when exactly is not currently "set-in-stone" and the trade fairs also may well play a decisive role in this regard.

There are still a few other game projects that we are negotiating, but there is no certainty about them as yet.

Of course, next year we will have to look ahead to accquire and invest in more Amiga projects and to manage any subsequent contract(s).

Things are still rolling along with Roadshow, CygnusED and DigiBooster, though in all those cases, Corona-virus thwarted our plans time and time again.

With the Amiga Future being our main focus, we are looking at increasing the number of issues sold, with a view to also increasing our page count. This is currently task number 1, so to speak, though at the same time we also need to increase the members of our editorial team within the Amiga Future office.

Aside from all that we still have other problems that we need to deal with. For example, the postal service have increased their tariffs for international postage on 1.1. by a whopping 20%, and with a 5-digit postage cost per year, this is not a small sum that you can only afford to think about at the end of the year.

So, will Amiga Future TV will start one day? We certainly hope so, but probably it will happen calmly and very low-key.

For over a year now we have been considering how we could "securely" implement a digital version of the Amiga Future magazine, but as yet it is still a work in progress to find the solution we can settle comfortably on, some of that is due to a lack of technical know-how, but additionally hampered by current financial constraints.

The Amiga Future Android App is planned to be expanded further.

So, as you might now realise, a lot is still going on in the back-office, as many of you users would be highly unlikely to be aware of such activity.

In 2019 we had to start looking for a new general accounting system. Not so easy to do on a budget, as we have to manage newspaper subscriptions, while not wanting to overspend unnecessarily something like a 5-digit amount on it each and every year. We have managed to find two systems we are working on currently simultaneously to see which suits us best. From 1st January 2021 the entire swap-over has to take place and then, no-doubt, the initial real-world errors will appear soon after that. However, when we have got through the teething troubles, things should be a lot easier and we should find ourselves with more options available to us.

So, this new financial accounting is absolutely necessary due to the new EU tax law. There was also the problem that MTR got into trouble with, which I suppose can happen if at some point you write several thousand invoices a year and post a 6-digit turnover!

For this year, in 2021, we naturally would hope that the magazine circulation of Amiga Future will increase noticeably, as well as our game releases end up selling to end users successfully, and that way we can also venture into other new projects!

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