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The Amiga Future 151 will be released on the 5th July.

The Amiga Future 151 will be released on the 5th July.
The Amiga Future 151 will be released on the 5th July.

The Amiga Future 151 will be released on the 5th July.
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Amiga Future Info

Amiga Future is the specialised magazine concerning the Amiga

It offers the very latest news about the Amiga-Scene! It is supplied as a printed full colour magazine, with an optional CD. Older issues can still be bought as a collection of magazines as PDFs in high resolution, and are supplied on a Archive-DVD. Some sold-out printed magazines are available to view for FREE as individual images of pages on the website.

Also, there is additional support via the magazine's webpages on the Internet, which offers access and downloads to all manner of Amiga related material, which includes images, games, applications, demos, and so much more.

Every two months a brand new issue is available to be ordered directly from our Online-Shop or via your local Amiga-Dealer.

Money Saving Hint: It's considerably cheaper as a subscription directly from Amiga Future!

Amiga Future has been printed for about 20 years for all things related to the Amiga and compatible Computer systems.

For its first five years the magazine was available from the publishers ICP and FALKE. However, for about the last 15 years the Amiga Future magazine has managed to become independant and self-supporting.

Right now over 50 Amiga-Enthusiasts from the whole Amiga-Community are working on the upcoming magazine, the Cover-CD and the website.

The Amiga Future currently has a total circulation of 1.000 copies and is available in German and English.

Optionally you can even get a Cover-CD with every single issue.

Since issue 94 Amiga Future has been published in full colour.