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The Amiga Future 144 was released on the May 4th.

The Amiga Future 144 was released on the May 4th.
The Amiga Future 144 was released on the May 4th.

The Amiga Future 144 was released on the May 4th.
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Fish 0018

 [ Still not rated ]
This download was added on 01.01.1970 - 01:00 by AndreasM  • Last download 08.04.2019 - 16:21

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How the Extension works


AmigaDisplay Yet another variation of a terminal emulator program.
This is a modified AmigaTerm that can emulate a dumb
terminal (interesting paradox here somewhere...),
translate line termination sequences, optionally
capture or discard control characters in the captured
file, use audible bell, use another font, etc. Author:
Don Woods (Original code by Michael Mounier)

Ash Prerelease version of a C-shell like shell program. Has
history, command substitution, loops, etc. Author:
Thorn Smith

Browser A program that lets you wander around a file tree and
peek into files, all with the mouse. Author: Mike (I'll
be mellow when I'm dead) Meyer

MC68010 Complete information package for upgrading an Amiga to
use an MC68010 in place of the MC68000. Includes a
software fix that makes this transparent to user
programs that use instructions that are priviledged on
the 68010. Author: Thad Floryan

Multidim Lets you rotate a 2 to 6 dimensional "cube" on the
screen using the joystick. Author: Robert French

PigLatin Tired of the "say" command? This one will translate and
speak your input in pig latin! Author: Thomas Clement

Scrimper Short for "SCReen IMage PrintER". A screen dump utility
which can be run from the workbench or the CLI. Author:
Perry Kivolowitz

Xlisp1.6 A very nice little lisp for those that want to study
the internals of a real, working lisp interpreter.
Author: Dave Betz

File hash table

Fish0018.lha [md5] 0f8d663d6b86ba9aa2c5c1208678168b

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