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The Amiga Future 148 was released on the January 11th.

The Amiga Future 148 was released on the January 11th.
The Amiga Future 148 was released on the January 11th.

The Amiga Future 148 was released on the January 11th.
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Fish 0020

This download was added on 01.01.1970 - 01:00 by AndreasM  • Last download 30.10.2020 - 19:29

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AmigaToAtari Source code for an Amiga to Atari ST object code format
converter. Takes Amiga objects as input and produces
Atari objects as output. This allows the Amiga to be
used as a cross development machine providing the
proper libraries are available. (Currently does not
work, but I don't have an ST to try it with anyway...)
Author: Landon Dyer at Atari Corp.

DiskSalv Program to recover files from a trashed AmigaDOS disk.
Can also "undelete" files deleted by mistake, so long
as they have not overwritten by further disk activity.
Requires two disk drives. VERY useful... Author: Dave

Hash Small example program that computes the AmigaDOS
directory hash function. Author: Neil Katin at

Hd Hex dump utility using some ideas from Mike Higgin's
article in Computer Language magazine, Apr 86. Formats
the dump based on the natural byte ordering of the
machine on which it runs. Author: David Elins at NEC
Information Systems

MandelBrots Some mandelbrot images submitted for the "mandelbrot
images contest" some months ago. Only three people
submitted mandelbrots and these were among the most

MultiTasking Tutorial and example program for multitasking at the
Exec level. Author: Leo L. Schwab

Pack Program to strip extraneous whitespace from C programs
or header files. Can be used to condense the C compiler
header files to free up disk space. Author: Jeff

PortHandler Author: A sample Port-Handler program that performs the
functions of the standard Port-Handler. Shows what the
BCPL environment looks like from the handler point of
view. Author: John Toebus VIII

Random Random number generator in assembly. Much faster than
versions using floating point. Can be used by either
assembly or C programs. Author: Steve Beats at

SetMouse2 Program to set the mouse port to either the left port
or right port. Author: Robert Burns at Commodore-Amiga

SpeechTerm Terminal emulator that can speak the received text.
Also has XMODEM file transfer. Author: Leftheris

Ted Demo version of an editor that has since been renamed
as TXed (I believe). Author: Charles Heath at

File hash table

Fish0020.lha [md5] e24ac7f285902ba42f57b8c208a92f19

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