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The Amiga Future 140 was released on the August 30th.

The Amiga Future 140 was released on the August 30th.
The Amiga Future 140 was released on the August 30th.

The Amiga Future 140 was released on the August 30th.
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Ihr dürft die Software laden und nutzen, jedoch nicht an Dritte weitergeben.

You can download and use the Software, but not spread!

Thesius XII ADF 

Die Vollversion von Thesius XII.
The Fullversion of Thesius XII.

 [ Still not rated ]
This download was added on 11.03.2008 - 19:19 by AndreasM  • Last download 14.03.2019 - 18:48

Extra Information



How the Extension works

Thesius XII is a challenging, high action, space fantasy shoot'em up. Thesius XII is similar in design to IREM's classic 'R-TYPE' tm, Although we consider it more a blend between that and my personal favourite, 'Silk Worm' tm.

Thesius features three levels to battle through, each level is set within it's own unique scenario, containing various sound tracks and two major guardians per level. Throughout your battle, you'll encounter over 120 unique and highly aggressive alien objects, all of which, have one small idea on their very small minds, Destroy You.... (which is something they're very good at.. ;)

Up until now (16,Sep,2003) a multi level version had never been released, as it was never complete. However, we felt that it was a shame to not release what we had, even though it was no longer in development and not finished. So through the magic of emulation, some 8 years later, this version is basically a 3 level edition of the game, minus the final two levels (which are no where near complete) and lots of polish.

Thesius XII v95 (Aminet demo) was first reviewed in the August 1995 issue of 'Amiga Format' in their PD section. In the following issue it again was featured (along side a number of other great products and talented developers) in a special article focusing upon the new torchbearers upon the Amiga.

System Requirements:

Thesius XII actually has no special processor requirements and is fully compatible with 68000,010,020,030,040 & 060 processors. It should run happily upon systems fitted with OCS, ECS and of course AGA chipsets.

Thesius requires a minimum of at least ONE Megabyte of ram, or to
be more specific, it requires a min of '380k Chip' and around 480K of other memory, be it FAST, Fake FAST or even CHIP.

Note: OS2.x / OS3.x users with only ONE megabyte of ram, will probably NOT be able to run Thesius XII. (Sorry!)




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