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The Amiga Future 142 was released on the January 9th.

The Amiga Future 142 was released on the January 9th.
The Amiga Future 142 was released on the January 9th.

The Amiga Future 142 was released on the January 9th.
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Fish 1097 

 [ Still not rated ]
This download was added on 01.01.1970 - 01:00 by AndreasM  • Last download 16.11.2018 - 10:55

Extra Information



How the Extension works


Injector 2.32 Injects things into the input stream

Those of you who already know Injector will have to read on, as the program
was entirely rewritten since version 1.x, and lots of things have changed.

Injector is a hotkey-invoked commodity whose purpose is to inject things
into the InputEvent stream (that is to say as if typed on keyboard). It is
wholly configurable with a nice preferences program, has ARexx facilities
and lots of features.

However, the icon facility has been removed, this will be the job of a more
functionnal commodity (yet to be written:-).

To make this work, Injector has its own language, made of keywords, with or
without arguments enclosed in parentheses. You will have to read the
references sections for further informations.

Author: Frederic Delacroix
Path: AmigaLibDisk1097:Programs/Injector/


Macro 2.8 GoldED macro collection

A collection of ARexx macros related to GoldED: TeX support, SAS/C macros,
uuencode, DevKit macros and many more. Contributions by Francois Helsen,
Lieven Lema, Tattoo Mabonzo, Krzysztof P. Jasiutowicz, Oliver Clouth,
Richard Bemrose, Fin Schuppenhauer, BURGHARD Eric, Rico Krasowski, Wolfgang
Küting, Oliver Clouth, Markus Zahn, Leu Simon GRIS, René Laederach and
Stefan Schor.

Author: various authors
Path: AmigaLibDisk1097:Programs/GEd Macros/

File hash table

Fish1097.dms [md5] b9a29a99fe32aa792ee0da0350d1d10a

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