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The Amiga Future 140 was released on the August 30th.

The Amiga Future 140 was released on the August 30th.
The Amiga Future 140 was released on the August 30th.

The Amiga Future 140 was released on the August 30th.
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Fish 1040 

 [ Still not rated ]
This download was added on 01.01.1970 - 01:00 by AndreasM  • Last download 16.11.2018 - 10:48

Extra Information



How the Extension works


BrowserII 3.0 Directory maintenance utility

It is a multi-window file-manager. It is based on drag and drop just like
workbench. In fact, it is exactly like workbench in text mode. It is
fully asynchronous. That is to say, you can perform several copies,
delete, directory scan,... at the same time. You can pause or stop
running processes. Pressing [ESC] pauses all processes (accidental
operations). It is small, about 150 KBytes (not compressed of course),
including the whatis.library, a powerfull library that identify file
types. Does not use much memory when idle (may use more while copying).
Use pooled memory even under WB2.0 to minimize fragmentation. It is fast.
It has an intelligent iconification, directory tree, archive support,
window snapshot and an intelligent buffered copy process which makes it a
lot faster than standard copy commands/tools when source & destination
directories are on the same device unit. You can copy a complete 880 Kb
floppy with only 1 drive in 1 pass without using RAM disk as a tmp
storage. Copies even continue while iconified. And at last, it is
powerfull and highly configurable. It is ShareWare. Once registered, you
get a key file which is valid forever. if you are not registered (you
don't have the key file), the about requester will popup from time to
time, but BrowserII stay fully functionnal.
Available languages: english, french, deutsch, svenska

Author: Pierre Carrette, Sylvain Rougier
Path: AmigaLibDisk1040:Programs/BrowserII/


TSO_II 2.04 Defragment floppy and hard disks.

TSO II can be used to optimize (defragment) floppy disks and hard disks in
order to speed up directory and file accesses. Contains a German and an
English version of the executable and a timer. Requires KickStart 2.04+.

Author: J. Heße
Path: AmigaLibDisk1040:Programs/TSO_II/


UnDel 1.1 Very fast file undeleting utility

AmigaDos and its filesystem have been released some years ago. During
this long period, CBM didn't release any kind of tool which would be
able to check and repair disks and recover deleted files. There are
many third-party utilities capable of doing such a job, but they are
usually terribly slow and they don't support all standard filesystems.


- Supports any standard filesystem - OFS / FFS + DirCache /
INTL mode
- Very fast (only free blocks are scanned, written in assembly etc.)
- Special option for systems with small amount of memory
- Nice user interface in shell window ;-)
(If some non-standard console is detected, new CON: window
is opened.)
- Recovered files are copied to another device
- Protection bits and file note are also recovered
- UNDEL is pure and can be made resident

Author: Martin Mares
Path: AmigaLibDisk1040:Programs/UnDel/

File hash table

Fish1040.dms [md5] e0f16f528a1f01d543147c42b75604d2

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