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The Amiga Future 140 was released on the August 30th.

The Amiga Future 140 was released on the August 30th.
The Amiga Future 140 was released on the August 30th.

The Amiga Future 140 was released on the August 30th.
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Fish 1038 

 [ Still not rated ]
This download was added on 01.01.1970 - 01:00 by AndreasM  • Last download 16.11.2018 - 10:48

Extra Information



How the Extension works


MineClone 1.2 Another clone of Minesweeper-style games

I've tried to make it looking like the IBM Minesweeper, but includes
some features the Original is missing. (sizeable window, changeable size
of minefields) And another difference: it needs Kick 3.0. I wanted
it running on the workbench screen but with nice colors. But palette
sharing is only available under Kick 3.0.

Here's a list about MineClones's features:
- sizeable window
- variable size of fields
- nice GUI, nice Colors and nice Smileys :-)
- opens on any Publicscreen
- using flexible way for allocating colors
- flashing fields
- choose bombs by number or percentage
- Saveclick-option, Automark-option and a whole lot more...
- global Automark-function, clearing all the trivial cases
- extra menu with custom actions
- keyboard-support
- localized
- needs Kick 3.0 and reqtools.library
- written in E

Author: Nico Max
Path: AmigaLibDisk1038:Programs/MineClone/


Wacom 1.16 Wacom tablet driver, controls Amigamouse

This Commodity enables you to use a pressure sensitive digitizer tablet
from Wacom with your Commodore Amiga. The tablet can be used together
with the mouse (or without it) as a direct input medium. Therefore, the
driver can be used together with (nearly) any software. Furthermore the
(pressure-sensitive) data provided by the tablet can be exported in custom
applications using a documented software interface. Now directly supports
the complete Wacom IV comandset and lets you define your own working area
on the tablet. Includes german localization.

Author: Roland Schwingel
Path: AmigaLibDisk1038:Programs/Wacom/

File hash table

Fish1038.dms [md5] 69b3f83c069a00f48abd0f1a69d6d1a4

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