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The Amiga Future 140 was released on the August 30th.

The Amiga Future 140 was released on the August 30th.
The Amiga Future 140 was released on the August 30th.

The Amiga Future 140 was released on the August 30th.
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Fish 1021 

 [ Still not rated ]
This download was added on 01.01.1970 - 01:00 by AndreasM  • Last download 16.11.2018 - 10:46

Extra Information



How the Extension works


AFile 3.30 A datafile manager

AFile is a data file manager, that is a tool which lets you create and
manager your files (addresses, video collections, clients, ...) using
an Intuition interface. There is no limitation to the number of fields
or records. The program offers the standard printing, sorting, and
importing/exporting functions. AFile uses AREXX as it's programming
language. You can create full input masks with background picture, field
positioning, checking of entered data, menus and printing customization.

Author: Denis Gounelle
Path: AmigaLibdisk1021:Programs/AFile/


CarCosts 3.06 Keep track of automobile expenses

This is version 3 of the program "AutoKosten", now called CarCosts.
This version uses MUI (2.1 and above) amd supports locale.library, if
available. Without locale.library, the interface uses german text.
Two english catalog files (one with kilometer/liter, one with
miles/gallons) and a french one as well as the .cd and .ct files are
A program to convert 2.0 data files to version 3 data files is included.

Version 3.01 is a bug fix, V3.0 wrote files in a format it could not read...
Version 3.02 allows more than one entry per date
Version 3.03 now supports the ARexx-port of MUI
Version 3.04 fixes a bug with printer support using non-asl.libraries.
Version 3.05 and 3.06 : minor user-interface changes

Author: Rüdiger Dreier
Path: AmigaLibdisk1021:Programs/CarCosts/


FishButton 1.0 Popup menus to run FreshFish CDROM apps

ButtonMenu pop-up menus for launching ready-to-run (not archived)
applications on FreshFish CDROMs. Uses the BMX ButtonMenu Executor
program by Oliver Roberts to load ButtonMenu from disk. These can
be put into effective use by creating ToolManager exec items for
each CDROM Menu, then putting all these TM exec items into a TM dock
with a HotKey set for it. Then all the menus will be a HotKey-press
and a click away.

Author: Steve Edford
BMX by Oliver Roberts
WBRun by Sylvain Rougier & Pierre Carrette
Path: AmigaLibdisk1021:Programs/FishButton/

File hash table

Fish1021.dms [md5] e219db9685d229e8a0bb685a980cfd89

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