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The Amiga Future 140 was released on the August 30th.

The Amiga Future 140 was released on the August 30th.
The Amiga Future 140 was released on the August 30th.

The Amiga Future 140 was released on the August 30th.
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Fish 0474 

 [ Still not rated ]
This download was added on 01.01.1970 - 01:00 by AndreasM  • Last download 29.03.2019 - 23:34

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Aequipot A program that renders multicolor pictures using an
algorithm based on electrostatic effects. Renders in
low-res and highres, and in two speed/quality modes.
Includes both PAL and NTSC versions of the program.
English and German docs. This is version 1.06, includes
source in PCQ, freeware. Author: Juergen Matern

AmiDock AmiDock is an Amiga version of the NeXT's Dock
facility. It will open up a small window on your
WorkBench full of little IFF brushes, Each brush
represents an application, like an ICON but it's a
brush. Click on the brush and your application will
start. This is version 1.2.4. Shareware, binary only.
Author: Gary Knight

CrcLists Complete CRC check files for disks 401-470 using the
brik program. These were made directly from my master
disks. This is an update to the lists on disk 401.
Author: Fred Fish

Enforcer Detects/protects against illegal memory hits.
Compatible with all OS versions & machines (requires a
Memory Management Unit or 68030 processor). The low 1K
of memory and all areas that are not RAM are protected
from CPU reads or writes. ROM is marked as read-only.
Version 2.6f, binary only. Author: Bryce Nesbitt

GreekFont A 12 point font with Greek letters. Version 1.0.
Author: Daniel Moosbrugger

Imperium Strategic, "RISK" style game for up to four players.
Based in the ancient times of Rome, Athens, Alexandria
and Carthago. Binary only, shareware ($10), Manx-C
source available from the author. English version 1.66E
and German version 1.79D. Update to version 1.50E on
Disk 362. Author: Roland Richter

File hash table

Fish0474.lha [md5] 985d49ad8a8ffd48da4b9d19039e8e27

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