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The Amiga Future 142 was released on the January 9th.

The Amiga Future 142 was released on the January 9th.
The Amiga Future 142 was released on the January 9th.

The Amiga Future 142 was released on the January 9th.
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Fish 1108 

 [ Still not rated ]
This download was added on 01.01.1970 - 01:00 by AndreasM  • Last download 16.11.2018 - 10:56

Extra Information



How the Extension works


Term 4.4 Very nice terminal program.

A telecommuncations program designed for use with any Commodore-Amiga
computer running Kickstart 2.04 or higher. Its features include:

* Fast built-in VT-220 terminal emulation

* Support for custom terminal emulation modules following the `XEM
2.0' standard

* Operates in any display environment, supports all screen display

* Support for file transfer modules following the `XPR' standard

* File- and printer-capturing functions

* Review-buffer support

* Powerful phone book and dialing functions

* `Amiga User Interface Style Guide' conformant user interface

* Online-help (requires AmigaGuide package)

* Built-in `ARexx' interface

* File upload list, which permits selecting the files to be
transferred before the upload is started.

* Login script learn mode.

* Built-in keyword/response parser which makes it possible to have
`term' respond to BBS prompts and such with the user name,
password, etc. without having to program the ARexx interface.

* Interface for external programs to rendezvous with `term', taking
over serial I/O processing (such as `HydraCom').

Author: Olaf `Olsen' Barthel
Path: AmigaLibDisk1108:Programs/Term030/


WrapGuide 1.1 Wrap AmigaGuide lines to given column

Converts AmigaGuide files that use Kickstart 3+ style long lines for
wrapped paragraphs so that Kickstart 2 compatible AmigaGuide won't
crash. The column where the wrapping takes place is definable at the
command line. The conversion happens in-place, so that this tool can
serve for floppy installations, too. Now you can write ALL your

Author: Udo Schuermann
Path: AmigaLibDisk1108:Programs/WrapGuide/


ILBM_Killer 1.01 IFF/AGA ILBM file viewer/remover

This program only does two things. 1. Views IFF ILBM Files
2. Deletes Files
This program was written because I had to spring clean my Hard
Drive. Just imagine this. You have 30 to 40 ILBM files on your
Hard Drive dating back a couple of years. Lets face it you have
probably forgotten what most of then are anyway. You WANT some
disk space back NOW.
You have two options 1. Use the CLI to delete the file however
you don't know what the picture is.
2. Load Deluxe Paint IV to view and delete
the file however this is too slow and cumbersome.

Use ILBM Killer. It is reasonably quick straight forward and
easy to use.

Author: DCAT
Path: AmigaLibDisk1108:Programs/ILBM_Killer/

File hash table

Fish1108.dms [md5] c9eb6e9613f4c58cf89251d151835b62

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