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The Amiga Future 142 was released on the January 9th.

The Amiga Future 142 was released on the January 9th.
The Amiga Future 142 was released on the January 9th.

The Amiga Future 142 was released on the January 9th.
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Fish 1072 

 [ Still not rated ]
This download was added on 01.01.1970 - 01:00 by AndreasM  • Last download 16.11.2018 - 10:52

Extra Information



How the Extension works


A4000HW 2.0 Reference guide to A4000 hardware.

This file is a reference to various tips, problems, repairs, and other
information on the Amiga 4000 and common boards and peripherals.

Author: Warren Block
Path: AmigaLibDisk1072:Programs/A4000HW/


A1200HW 1.0 Q & A about Amiga 1200 hardware.

This is a text file that attempts to answer the most common hardware
questions about the Amiga 1200 simply and concisely. Which is not to
say that it succeeds... 8-)

Author: Warren Block
Path: AmigaLibDisk1072:Programs/A1200HW/


ARexxSupervisor 1.20 Tool to test/debug ARexx interfaces

ARexxSupervisor is mainly a tool for the developpers of you who want to
integrate and properly test/debug ARexx interfaces in their programs.

ARexxSupervisor provides a means of mouse-controlling the data that is sent
to a valid ARexx port. Be careful however, it is easy to make destructive
actions or provoke deadlocks or gurus.

Path: AmigaLibDisk1072:Programs/ARexxSupervisor/


RexxDosSupport 2.3 ARexx function lib for V37+ dos functs.

ARexx function library for accessing Dos V37+ functions.
· ReadArgs()
· GetVar(), SetVar(), DeleteVar()
· ParsePattern(), MatchPattern() - even case-insensitive
· Fault()
V2.1 implements some more functions:
· Delete(), Rename(), MakeDir()
· SetComment(), SetProtection()

Author: hartmut Goebel
Path: AmigaLibDisk1072:Programs/RexxDosSupport/


Puzzle 1.3 Try to put 16 color images back together

This is a simple puzzle game. You have square pieces and you move
them around to make the picture. It is all mouse driven. You can
show the picture (remember to press the left mouse button to return
to the puzzle) It is a simple program that doesn't keep track of
whether you have completed the puzzle or not. Also, I never got
around to putting in double buffering to get rid of the slight
flashes. Oh well.

You can use any picture you want so long as it is 320x200 and 16
colors with the lower 4 colors being unused. The program will
automatically set the lower four colors to:

color # DPaint Color ADPro Color
0 0,0,0 0,0,0
1 9,9,9 153,153,153
2 14,14,14 238,238,238
3 5,5,5 85,85,85

All the other colors can by anything you want.

Author: Brian Gragg
Path: AmigaLibDisk1072:Programs/Puzzle/

File hash table

Fish1072.dms [md5] f2a68613810226a7fd1db4d24fae928c

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