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The Amiga Future 142 was released on the January 9th.

The Amiga Future 142 was released on the January 9th.
The Amiga Future 142 was released on the January 9th.

The Amiga Future 142 was released on the January 9th.
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Fish 1071 

 [ Still not rated ]
This download was added on 01.01.1970 - 01:00 by AndreasM  • Last download 20.01.2019 - 12:20

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How the Extension works


RexxSkeleton 2.4 Create ARexx intuition skeleton

This program could save you many hours of programming and
makes ARexx intuition related to your scripts real fun - just
press one or two buttons and a full ARexx intuition skeleton
is ready by your hand.

Rexx Window Skeleton is dedicated to RexxArpLib.library 3.3
by W.G.J. Langeveld - which gives a nice ARexx intuition interface
that looks like OS2/3 and works like c intuition programming.

This program intuition is made as clear & clean as possible
with only one window - I like a nice clean layout - Isn't frustrating
with all these programs with lots of windows.

Author: KÃ¥re Johansson
Path: AmigaLibDisk1071:Programs/RexxSkeleton/


PhxAss 4.14 Highly optimizing macro assembler

PhxAss V4.xx is a highly optimizing macro assembler for Motorola's 680x0
CPUs, 6888x FPUs and 68851 MMU (of course, the 030, 040 and 060 MMUs are
also supported). It requires OS2.04 (V37) as a minimum and does no longer
support older operating systems! (Kick 1.x owners: Get PhxAss V3.97)

Most important features:
o Fast: 15000-30000 lines per minute with standard Amigas, 50000-200000
with A4000/040.
o Symbolic and Source Level Debugging.
o Automatic generation of executables (if possible).
o Small Code and Small Data support (also support for __MERGED sections).
o Listing file, Cross Reference Listing, Equates file.
o Complete floating point support: You can use complex floating point
expressions, including float functions (sine, logarithm, square root,
power, etc.), everywhere in your source, e.g. defining float EQUates or
o Switches for nine different optimizations.
o Locale symbols (xxx$ and .xxx type).
o Support for Motorola's old and new operand style (even in 68000 mode).
o locale.library usage (english, german, polish).
o Nearly all directives of the most popular assemblers like Seka, DevPac or
AS (Aztec) are supported. Examples: INCBIN, INCDIR, CODE_C, REPT, RS,
o Further development and support is guaranteed for years, because I'll
*never* change my system (Amiga forever!).
o Finally: Although Shareware, PhxAss is completely functional!

You will find four different versions of PhxAss in this distribution:
1. PhxAss: The standard 680x0,FPU,MMU macro assembler.
2. SmallPhxAss: This is a 68000-only version without floating point support.
3. FreePhxAss: This program is FREEWARE! It is intended for developers of
PD-Compilers, who want to include PhxAss in their compiler package.
4. GigaPhxAss: Identical to PhxAss, but source codes are not limited to
65535 lines. Quite useful for assembling Reassembler outputs.

PhxAss is SHAREWARE. A registration will cost you 25 DM or 15$. In return
you will receive the latest update and the right to ask me for a new update
whenever you want.

Author: Frank Wille
Path: AmigaLibDisk1071:Programs/PhxAss/


MiserPrint 1.15 Print util for inkjets (HP-compatible).

MiserPrint is a print utility that puts up to 8 normal pages of text on one
sheet of paper. You are able to save paper and time. MiserPrint uses the
small built-in fonts (Courier and Letter Gothic) of the HP-Deskjet or
compatible printers.

Author: Heinz-Guenter Boettger
Path: AmigaLibDisk1071:Programs/MiserPrint/

File hash table

Fish1071.dms [md5] 42f54e0cc9106fe0727073628f3a88b9

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