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The Amiga Future 141 was released on the November 5th.

The Amiga Future 141 was released on the November 5th.
The Amiga Future 141 was released on the November 5th.

The Amiga Future 141 was released on the November 5th.
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Franz 478 

 [ Still not rated ]
This download was added on 28.10.2010 - 10:13 by AndreasM  • Last download 19.12.2018 - 00:10

Extra Information

How the Extension works

Visage Kurz: Picture viewer for OS 3.0+
Autor: Magnus Holmgren
Version: 39.3
Visage is an IFF/GIF/JPeg/Datatypes viewer for the AmigaOS version 3.0 or
higher. Main features include:
Supports AA (AGA), ECS, RTG, PCHG and SHAM. ;)
Can display "deep" pictures in all formats on ECS Amigas, rendered
in HAM, "normal" color or grayscale (datatypes work differently).
Can scale "rendered" pictures to fit the screen.
Extensive monitor support. Uses a BestModeID()-like function to
find a suitable mode (if needed).
Any native Amiga screen mode can be specified with text! No numbers
needed. But you can use numbers, if you so wish. Or a requester.
Simple promotion of pictures to any installed monitor. No hardcoded
command line options for this. There is even a monitor requester! ;)
Several slideshow options, including a random mode, making Visage
ideal for use with screen blankers as an external module.
It's free!
News in version 39.1 include:
Xpk code bugfixed/improved.
Color rendering (nice for owners of gfx-cards).
Two (optional) dither modes. Used for color and grayscale (16
colors) pictures.
Misc minor fixes.

Ultimate_Conversion Kurz: The best anim-/pictureconverter ever been
Autor: Felix Schwarz
Version: 1.2
This is THE ultimative conversion tool!
It converts animations, scales them, rotates them,
inverts them, reduces colors ...
Also useable for more Files:
- Pic.0000
- Pic.0001
- ...
It can convert between:
- GIF (only load, because I do not want to pay for a license)
- Datatype (reg. Version)
- FLI (reg. Version)
- BMP(Win and OS/2)
- etc.
It can read and write Picture and Animation-formats.

IconDeluxe Kurz: Full-featured icon editor
Autor: Brian Tietz
Version: 1.13
Icon editor for use under 2.04+. Font-sensitive. Includes normal and
zoom modes, all the usual drawing tools, including text entry,
polygons, and brushes. Import/export IFF ILBM files, stretch image
to any size. Supports large icons, up to 400x400. Swap/replace one
color with another. Features appwindow (drop icons into window to
load), click select icons at entry from workbench, and shell entry
with icon to edit as a parameter (especially useful for putting
IconDeluxe in the tools menu).

File hash table

Franz_478.DMS [md5] e4b9c1b1ebfbef46185071942c7db866

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