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The Amiga Future 152 was released on the September 6th.

The Amiga Future 152 was released on the September 6th.
The Amiga Future 152 was released on the September 6th.

The Amiga Future 152 was released on the September 6th.
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  • CD-ROM
  • 1999
  • Stefan Instinske
  • commercial
  • Select all
  • AndreasM

The Text on the CD are all in GERMAN!

You be fed up with waiting for cheats, complete game solutions and hints for your favourite games in game - magazines?

You are interested for a game, but you don't know if the graphic is fine or if you will fell asleep for boredom?

You don't know which game supports your 4-game adapter, which is playable by network or by internet, or for what game you can find datadiscs?

Then you need the universal databench for Amigagames: the "Amiga Game Guide". We've done our best, to give you a CD, brim-full with cheats, complete game solutions, hints, screenshots, test reports and many more for nearly every Amiga game.

The mainpart of the CD is the "Amiga Game Guide", wich you can find in two Versions, AmigaGuide and HTML.

Directly and easy you can get all informations, screenshots, maps and testreports with the Amiga Game Guide. As a completion you will find PD -game highlights, game-demos (also from older games), GameAddOns (extra level and so on), saved game-levels and many more.

HTML and AmigaGuide Version (plus seperate Version for CD32-games)
Cheats, hints & tricks for over 1600 Amiga-games
Over 500 testreports for nearly 250 games
About 2500 Screenshots of 500 games
Amplified informations for almost every of the 1700 registered games (manufacturer, publisher, genre, release)
Game-levels, HD Installer, game-demos, PD-games, extralevel, Icons etc.
PC compatibel

System: Requirements

Amiga-OS 3.x, 68020 Processor, 4 Mbyte RAM, CD-ROM and a harddisk.
An installed NewIcon system or Amiga OS 3.5 is recommended, otherwise the representation of the CD-Icons is worse.

Win95/98 and a Webbrowser, like the "Netscape Navigator" or the "Internet Explorer"