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The Amiga Future 146 was released on the September 3rd.

The Amiga Future 146 was released on the September 3rd.
The Amiga Future 146 was released on the September 3rd.

The Amiga Future 146 was released on the September 3rd.
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Lombard RAC Rally

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01.01.2016 - 00:00
Alle Antworten für das Fernsehinterview:

1. What is curious about the Cadet GSI?
B: It has a second footbrake.
2. Who won the 1980 Lombard R.A.C. Rally?
B: H. Toivonen & P. White.
3. The Ypres Rally in Belgium is held over?
A: 24 hours.
4. Which company provided the tyres for the 1988 Lombard RAC Rally?
A: Pirelli.
5. Where is Nuremburg 24 Rally held?
B: Germany.
6. How long has Lombard sponsered the rally?
C: 14 years.
7. Who won the 1977 Olympus Rally?
C: Ron Richardson.
8. How many levels are the R.A.C. M.S.A. Rallies held over?
B: Five graded levels.
9. What is the nationality of the driver Kenith Erikson?
A: Swedish.
10.Carne De Passage is?
C: A customs document.
11.How many times has the Ford Escort won the Lombard R.A.C. Rally?
B: Eight.
12.What is the overall length of the Ford Sierra RS Cosworth?
B: 4.46 metres.
13.During what decade did the Lombard R.A.C. Rally not run?
A: 1940 - 1950.
14.Who won the 17th New Zealand Rally?
C: Franz Whittingham.
15.Which car won the first World Championship Rally for Group A cars?
C: Lancia.
16.How much does a Peugeot 205 GTi weigh?
A: 880 kg.
17.Franz Whittingham was the first Austrian to?
B: Win a World Rally.
18.Which is the only Rally with more than one starting point?
A: Monte Carlo.
19.The time spent between arrival control and the stage start is known as?
B: Dead time.
20.Part of the 1987 Rally was run at Clumber Park. In which county is this park in?
B: Nottinghamshire.
21.A B.M.W. group A car is available in kit form, it is?
A: M3.
22.How many times has the Mini won the Rally?
A: 1.
23.In what year was the Rally cancelled due to foot and mouth disease?
B: 1967.
24.What is the R.A.C. British Motorsport's Yearbook known as?
A: The Blue Book.
25.The Japanese Supra 3.0i had which problem in the 1987 Safari Rally?
A: Overheating.
26.How many Marshalls are involved in the running of the Rally?
C: 15,000.
27.Who was the 1987 Soviet Union national champion?
C: Ilmar Rossier.
28.The Nissan 200sx made its first European Rally appearence in?
A: Greece.
29.What is the Targa system?
B: A route timing system.
30.Who won the seventh Malborough Rally of Argentina?
C: Mickey Biassion.
31.Are two-way radios allowed between crews and service-crews?
A: Yes.
32.What was the maximum number of starters allowed in the 1988 Lombard R.A.C. Rally?
B: 180.
33.What is the alternative route defining system known as?
C: The Tulip Card.
34.What is the engine size of the Ford RS Cosworth?
B: 1993cc.
35.What is the R.A.C. M.S.A. speed limit in road Rallys?
A: 30mph.
36.Which manufacturer won the 1987 R.A.C. Rally?
B: Lancia.
37.Who was the first driver to participate in 100 W.C.R. events?
A: Hannu Mikoia.
38.Lancia won the Monte Carlo Rally with Aereia in?
B: 1954.