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Amiga Future

Forum Topics
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» Amiga Future 124 by AndreasM on 10.01.2017 - 19:34

Current Amiga News
Amiga Future 125 Member-CD-Cover online Facebook Google Twitter
.: Posted: AndreasM @ 22.02.2017 - 14:08

From today, and available online to all Amiga Future 1-Year-Subscribers, in the Member-Part of the Webpage are the CD Covers of Amiga Future magazine - Issue 125, so you can download them, and print them out if you wish to save you from cutting out those pages from our beloved magazine.
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A Week in AROS - week 7 Facebook Google Twitter
.: Posted: AndreasM @ 21.02.2017 - 19:19

Krzysztof Smiechowicz write:

Week of February 13th:

- Work on spinlock support in kernel continues (mschulz)
- Spinlock now use atomic operations (mschulz)
- Debugging support has been made SMP safe in AROS x86_64 kernel (mschulz)
- MessagePort access is now SMP safe (Kalamatee)
- IOAPIC support is now enabled in AROS i386/x86_64 kernel (Kalamatee)
- C:TaskList now correctly displays CPU time (mschulz)
- CPU time used by task is now correctly calculated (mschulz)
- pcx.datatype has been added to the system (mazze)
- Exec resource lists are now made SMP safe (Kalamatee)
- targa.datatype has been added to the system (mazze)
- Work on handling inter-processor interrupts started (mschulz)
- Signaling tasks on another CPU core is under development (mschulz)
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SDK Browser released Facebook Google Twitter
.: Posted: AndreasM @ 20.02.2017 - 09:50

SDK Browser released in the Version

* Fixed a bug which was preventing the SDK Browser from being launched from the CLI, if the SDK Browser binary was not in the same directory it was being launched from.
* Bug reported by: James Jacobs (Amigan Software).

The SDK paths for the MUI development files (SDK:MUI/...) have now been updated in this version to match their new location in AmigaOS SDK (53.31). All paths can still be set or overridden using their respective Tool Types.

Visit the SDK Browser About page for more details.

* Download the FREEWARE version of the SDK Browser v2.1.3.0 Here: SDK Browser v2.1.3.0 [Special FREEWARE Edition]
* Registered owners of the SDK Browser, please download the updated version via your personalized download links.
* AVD Owners / Beta Testers can find the latest SDK Browser for AVD [BETA] in the Members Only area as normal.
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AKReal 8.8 released Facebook Google Twitter
.: Posted: AndreasM @ 20.02.2017 - 09:49

AKReal, he unofficial conversion of AmiKit for real Amiga machines, released in the Version 8.8.

Now you also have a Full installation available for AKReal 8.7.

The on-line update is delivered to your AKReal installation via its Live Update feature. Simply boot your AKReal and the new update will be found automatically. Just confirm and install.

Full installation archive is available for free from

- ADDED: GetMouseInput v1.4 by Tim Jackson. Now pressing the right button of the mice while booting starts ScummVM AGA.
- ADDED: "wp_beach" and "WorkingC64C" wallpapers.
- ADDED: "Nostalgia" radio streaming and also to the menus.
- ADDED: New option to the "Better Config" program with a new "AKReal 1024" RTG AfAOS setup.
- ADDED: New gif image from Miikka Lehto for ReqAttack.
- FIXED: MorpheuZ script.
- FIXED: Simon the Soccerer in ScummVM AGA menu had a bad path.
- UPDATED: Icon.library 46.4.436 by Peter Keunecke.
- UPDATED: NetSurf AGA 3.6 Dev. NetSurf AGA no fpu is now used as the main one from the docks.
- UPDATED: Docks.
- UPDATED: AmigaJournal 0.9716 Beta by Richard H. Poser II.
- CHANGED: MUI 5.0 2016R2 instead of MUI 4.
- CHANGED: FullPalette Prefs by PeterK, June 2016.
- CHANGED: SongPlayer MUI preferences.
- CHANGED: MorpheuZ script. New "Better Config" option, better amount of colors in AmiModRadio and new Songplayer option so you can select among several skins with MUI 5.
- CHANGED: "Random Skin" for AmiModRadio when using 64 or 128 colors.
- CHANGED: AmiStart in the WBStartup now is a script. It will detect if you are using or not AfA to change.
- CHANGED: MacLikeDock script from the WBStartup.
- CHANGED: Images in the Workbench2000 docks to look right from 16 colors.
- CHANGED: Startup-Sequence
- DELETED: "Beatles" radio Stream icon-script. No longer available.
- DELETED: WBPattern prefs option in Start Menus.
- DELETED: Startup-Sequence.SAFEMODE

And some other minor changes to make it all working perfect.

The Full install is the best option just because it will use the original AmiKit icons and all of them will be in the right places.

The icons packs have also been updated: The Mattahan's icons and the 16 Colors Ken's Icons if you need faster icons.

Remember to use a booting partition with enough room. By now at least 1GB for a Full Install and a bit more for the update, so you better make it larger for future updates.

AKReal is free, but you can contribute with whatever amount you feel it is worth.
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Geit@Home #1 2017 Facebook Google Twitter
.: Posted: AndreasM @ 20.02.2017 - 09:48
From Friday 31st of March till Sunday the 2nd of April 2017 the Amiga Club Osnabrück and the Amiga Club Steinfurt are celebrating another hardware meeting.

Gather up to date information on MorphOS 3.10, get official support, see new software or just have fun talking with the developers and users.

If you want to bring in your hardware then please inform us as soon as possible, because the space for external users is limited. Of course you can just stop for a visit if you like.

I know a laptop running MorphOS takes no big space and is portable, but I still need to know about the number of attendees. So if you are interested, please contact me as soon as possible.

The participation is as always free of charge.
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Games-Coffer: 4 Amiga Games Added Facebook Google Twitter
.: Posted: AndreasM @ 20.02.2017 - 09:35

4 Amiga Games added, they are:

Jonas Fulstrand, P-GWIN, Return To Earth and T-Racer (Demo version).
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