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Amiga Future

Forum Topics
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Current Amiga News
indieGO! ActivationTool and AresOne X Facebook Google Twitter
.: Posted: AndreasM @ 28.05.2015 - 13:46

after a short period I am back to bother you with some "important" news ; )

First one for developers:
Please logIn from now on via: (important)

You will find a new feature:
You can now create (and deactivate) at any time public download URLs for your "free apps".

Because those apps could be downloaded by bots and so on we will not count those downloads within the indieGO!-Bonus program for DEVS.
You can disable and reactivate thos public links at any time (the URL will be the same again so that links copied to websites will work also after reactivation)

Today we uploaded 2 tools which belong together.
Those tools are used by me and can also be licensed by you if you like.

Sorry for the loong text ...

As written sometimes in the past Broadway as well as AEROS will include a activation tool.

This allows me to distribute "one" master image of both including our apps.
Additional features like "LX" on AEROS or the registration of stuff like AMC and GEMZ can now happen automatically. All you need is to enter your indieGO!-ID and the activation tool will check if you bought those elements already.

This means there will be no more "free" and "Plus" images of AEROS.
This saves space and reduces confusions : )

After first launch the tool will ask for your ID.

"Everyone who is already registered, and maybe was registered before we introduced the indieGO!-ID's can ask for a free voucher to "register" AEROS Plus in the AppStore"

Also I would like to remember that I am paying 5% cashback for every purchase made in the past on

Also Everyone who boght something at all on can request a free voucher for activate AEROS Plus.


Developers already registered at the indieGO!-Appstore can also license the Activation tool and Keylock-Maker at a reduced price.
If developers register until end of june, they can get it also at the reduced price(see below).

Normal price for both is 99€ or 8000 indieCoins. (4000 each).
Registered developers can ask for a voucher at a reduced cost of 49€

The price includes versions for:
AmigaOS 3
AmigaOS 4
AROS i386
Linux i386
Linux PPC
Linux ARM
OS X i386

INTRODUCTION of KeyLockMaker v1.0

The KeyLock maker is used to build a KeyLock file that will be used to describe an activation procedure
that can be used by the ActivationTool to enable an application or add additional contents and features
only if the verification process is successful.
The current implementation can build KeyLocks with embedded content, this content will be encrypted
and compressed to obfuscate data.

Manual for the Keylock Maker v1.0

ActivationTool v1.0

The ActivationTool is a program used to activate an application defined in a KeyLock created with the
KeyLockMaker software.
Please refers to the KeyLockMaker documentation to see which options and features you can include in
your Keylocks.
To use the ActivationTool you need a KeyLock created with the KeyLockMaker, the ActivationTool can be
executed from desktop or from command line.

Manual for the Activation Tool v1.0

Both tools are available separately to allow independent updates and fixes..
Each pack contains all binaries for all platforms.

indieGO-clients are available at
Developer log in is available at

And now to have some eye candy and not only boring text in the length of the first book of Moses:

I am glad to introduce you the AresOne X:

Here we go after a break... instead of calling it 2015 or 16 I decided to give it the name AresOne X.. X for eXtra cool and eXtra Slim...
this one is basically meant to last forever.. First of all it is totally compatible to AROS i386. Sound, Ethernet, 2D and 3D are working under IcAROS and Broadway.
It is also the first system which doesn't come with a optical drive. (ok besides the Raspberry Pi bundles).
The price seems high but we don't use cheap components and included are Applications like AMC, GEMZ and AmiCloud(*not yet released - 2 more weeks).


News verfasst von: phoenixkonsole
News URL:
News Quelle: Pascal Papara
URL der Quelle:
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AmigaWiki changes Facebook Google Twitter
.: Posted: HelmutH @ 26.05.2015 - 23:32

Changes on AmigaWiki for the area

- PC-Laufwerk für Amiga umbauen

- Elko Liste Netzteile
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Hollywood application: LoView V2.85 released Facebook Google Twitter
.: Posted: HelmutH @ 26.05.2015 - 23:08

26.05.2015 LoView V2.85 [OS4]

New version with this changes:

Fixed some annoying bugs, added 3 new preferences to choose:
1 - If use Internal or External JPEG Loader,
2 - If the prefs will be saved automatically on exit,
3 - An Opus5 compatibility option.
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AMIcast - Episode 4 - Pascal Papara Facebook Google Twitter
.: Posted: AndreasM @ 26.05.2015 - 13:45

On this episode you will hear about AROS, open source solution for NG Amigas. You will get know variety options of AROS like Raspberry Pi and more stuff: AmiCloud, Indiecoins and Indiego - all connected with Pascal Papara.

Also we discussed about future and development in our community and software like Hollywod.
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EvenMore V0.86 released Facebook Google Twitter
.: Posted: HelmutH @ 25.05.2015 - 14:03

19.05.2015 EvenMore Version 0.86 released

Changes in this version are:

- FinalWriter/Copy plugin will now handle strike-through style.
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