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Amiga Future

Forum Topics
» woher scsi.device v50.510 nehmen by daxb on 22.01.2018 - 21:57
» internes DF0: auf DF1: Jumpen by AmegaBoy on 21.01.2018 - 19:24
» 1230 SCSI blizzard by AmegaBoy on 18.01.2018 - 15:10
» 1230 SCSI blizzard HDD by AmegaBoy on 17.01.2018 - 22:12
» Prometheus BBS by ami4060 on 15.01.2018 - 22:05
» 3Com Etherlink III by ami4060 on 15.01.2018 - 21:55
» Maximale Partitionsgröße mit fastfilesystem 45 by daxb on 14.01.2018 - 02:26
» Amiga Future 130 by AndreasM on 10.01.2018 - 14:47
» A few numbers from the year 2017 by AndreasM on 05.01.2018 - 10:13
» Ein paar Zahlen aus dem Jahre 2017 by AndreasM on 05.01.2018 - 10:13

The Amiga Future is a print magazine published in English and German.
The magazine is published bimonthly and can be ordered as a subscription or single issue.

Current Amiga News
Renember: Amiga Future 1year subscription+free Amiga Joker
.: Posted: AndreasM @ 23.01.2018 - 17:09

The first 20 users who now order a subscription to the Amiga Future in our online shop will receive an Amiga Joker 1/2017 (Amiga Joker are a german print-mag) as a free supplement.

In addition, among all users who have extended their subscription until 31.1.2018, also an Amiga Joker 1/2017 (german print-mag) is...
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AmigaOS 4: libsmpeg2 library V2.0.0 published
.: Posted: HelmutH @ 22.01.2018 - 17:52
22.01.2018 libsmpeg2 Bibliothek V2.0.0 published

The SDL2 MPEG Player library has been updated by Karl Robillard and Sam Lantinga.

Re-compiled to work with gcc4.2.4.
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AmigaOS 4: libsdl2_mixer library V2.0.1 released
.: Posted: HelmutH @ 22.01.2018 - 17:44
22.01.2018 libsdl2_mixer V2.0.1 released

The mixer library for Simple DirectMedia Layer would be updated by Sam Lantinga, Stephane Peter and Ryan Gordon.

- Re-compiled for the .so to work with the latest .so files.
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Hollywood Game: YaPong V1.0 released
.: Posted: HelmutH @ 22.01.2018 - 12:26
22.01.2018 Hollywood Game: YaPong V1.0 released

Lazi has created a remake of Pong with Hollywood to test hardware acceleration.
The result is YaPong.
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Ignition beta 5 Status Info
.: Posted: HelmutH @ 22.01.2018 - 11:47

22.01.2018 Ignition beta 5 Status Info

Achim Pankalla is still busy on the Ignition beta 5 version.
The print routine has caused him some headaches, but now he has gotten them started, so that it is now possible to print diagrams as well.
The next point is the margins management where he...
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Support Amiga Future with Amazon
.: Posted: AndreasM @ 22.01.2018 - 09:38
Original time of this post: 19.09.2014 - 08:38

You want to support the Amiga Future webpage but don't want to spend money?

Just use the Amazon-Banner when visiting the Amazon webpage, if you want to order at Amazon.

For each order we receive a small commission. With this money we pay our extensive Amiga Future webpage.

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AMIcast - Text Interview 12 - Boing Attitude
.: Posted: AndreasM @ 22.01.2018 - 09:37

Software from Glames is around us for some years. Boing Attitude is responsible for education/games software like: Ask Me Up and great file manager Dir Me Up. Besides of Amiga, Boing Attitude is creating apps for another system like MS Windows or Android.
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Amiga Future Ausgabe 106 in german & english now online
.: Posted: AndreasM @ 21.01.2018 - 16:57

Since today you can read the Amiga Future issue 106 online on our webpage

In irregular intervals we provide older issues of the Amiga Future for free online.

The magazines and the PDF versions (in HQ) are also available in our online shop

Read the german mags online:
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AmigaOS 4 Spiel: Beret V1.2.1 released
.: Posted: HelmutH @ 21.01.2018 - 15:43

20.01.2018 Beret V1.2.1 by kas1e and Capehill released

Kas1e and Capehill have ported Beret to OS4, a 2D puzzle-platformer game about a scientist named Beret who has gained telekinetic abilities through his research at...
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AmigaOS 4: Libflac V1.3.2 published
.: Posted: HelmutH @ 21.01.2018 - 15:27
19.01.2018 Libflac V1.3.2 by Josh Coalson published

FLAC stands for Free Lossless Audio Codec, an audio format similar to MP3, but lossless, meaning that audio is compressed in FLAC without any loss in quality. This is similar to how Zip works, except with FLAC you will get much
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Hollywood Anwendung: .fly viewer V0.8 released
.: Posted: HelmutH @ 21.01.2018 - 14:38

20.01.2018 The *.fly viewer V0.8 [OS3, MOS, AROS, ...] by Ulrich Beckers released

This simple tool can be used to monitor evaluation data collected with Simephys.

New features / changes in this version:
- new: diagrams autoscale...
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The X500 Pro Kickstarter
.: Posted: AndreasM @ 21.01.2018 - 09:05
TheDaddy write on

The final X500 case, the X500 Pro for mini-itx boards has launched:

It is actually two Kickstarters in one as you can also pledge just for Amiga inspired key caps
for mechanical keyboards with Cherry MX switches.

Please forward the...
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Adebug Amiga source code and binaries released
.: Posted: AndreasM @ 21.01.2018 - 09:05
kamelito write on

The source has been released in the past but the Amiga version was incomplete.

Adebug was a commercial assembly-level debugger for the Motorola 68000 family.

It shipped in the early 90's under the french name Adebog for Atari ST and Amiga computers.

This is the most recent sources from my backups, as the...
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Amigos Amiga Podcast: New Videos online
.: Posted: AndreasM @ 21.01.2018 - 09:04

Amigos Amiga Podcast release follow new Videos:

ARG Presents - A new retrograming podcast from the Amigos Team

Jocky Wilson's Compendium of Darts - Commodore Amiga

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