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Amiga Future

Amiga Future Redaktion
(Usage of the postal and email adresses for advertising is prohibited!)

Editorial office addressPublisher addressAdvertising departmentOrder service
Amiga Future
Andreas Magerl
Postfach 83
D-83234 Übersee

Tel: (0 86 42) 8 99 95


Andreas Magerl
Hochplattenweg 4
Postfach 83
D-83236 Übersee
USt-IdNr: DE156061883
Tax number: 163/247/20050

Tel: (0 86 42) 8 99 95


Amiga Future
Andreas Magerl
Postfach 83
D-83234 Übersee

Tel: (0 86 42) 8 99 95


Amiga Future
Andreas Magerl
Postfach 83
D-83234 Übersee

Tel: (0 86 42) 8 99 95


Online editors
David JahnCheat-DatabaseeMail
Anton PreinsackInterviewseMail
Thomas RappFAQeMail
Peter TopolnickiTranslationseMail
Andreas StürmerInterviewsemail
Thomas MohrLinkseMail
Gerd FrankASDeMail
HelmutHNews, ASDeMail
Sarah KreuzNewseMail
Andreas GrünerNews TranslateeMail

Magazine editors
Name (nick)FunctionContact
Andreas Magerl
Chief editor, webmaster, distributor, guarantoreMail
Anton PreinsackInterviews, Editor eMail
Antonis IliakisEditor eMail
Alexander DrewsNews, Editor eMail
Brad HansenNews, Editor eMail
Christoph HahnEditor eMail
Cord HagenEditor, reader letters, CD-ROM eMail
David StevesEditor eMail
Graham Humphrey Editor eMail
Helmut Haake Editor eMail
Helmut Haug Editor eMail
Kathrin Bleibaum Editor
Matthias Overlöper Editor eMail
Martin Cornelius
Martin Treschok
Marcus BubserEditoreMail
Michael ChristophEditor eMail
Patrick FürstLayout eMail
Regina SchmidPhotos
R.T. DickinsonEditor eMail
Sascha van Wahnem Editor eMail
Siegfried Podesser Editor eMail
Vincent Truppe Editor eMail

Name (nick)Function
Aleksandra Schmidt-PendarovskaTranslator
Christian BusseTranslator
Daniel MüßenerTranslator
Dennis SpyraTranslator
Erhard FurtnerTranslator
Florian HaenelTranslator
Manuel ZehrlTranslator
Neil PearsonTranslator
Richard MulderTranslator
Vincent TruppeTranslator

Legal things about the magazine
Manuscript transmittal

Transmitted manuscripts have to be free of third party copyrights. Possible copyrights have to be explicitely annotated. If the manuscripts have been offered to other publishers or for commercial purposes it has to be annotated. With the transmission the author agrees to publishing the manuscript for free on a voluntary basis in all publications of the APC&TCP, Andreas Magerl. Honoraria only on appointment. For transmitted unsolicited manuscripts neither the publisher nor the editorial office assume any liability.


In case that the Amiga Future contains wrong information or failures in published programs and circuits it is only liable if there is a gross fault of the publisher or its staff.

Person in charge in terms of the BayPrG is Andreas Magerl (V.i.S.d.P).


All published contributions in the Amiga Future and the contents of the CD-ROM are copyrighted. All rights and translations reserved. Reproduction in any manner is only allowed with written approval of the publisher. Publication does not mean that the contents, solutions or terms are free of industrial property right.

Frequency Amiga Future is released bimonthly. The magazine is available with or without a cover CD. The Amiga Future is available as a single issue or subscription. Change in prices reserved.

Furthermore our general terms and conditions apply.

Legal things about the homepage
Copyright ©

These sites are part of the Amiga Future website. The usage on external internetsites, i.e. in frames, is only permitted with written approval. All rights reserved. Duplication of any kind or spreading on any medium as a whole or in parts requires approval in written form.

There's no right to publishing of news, reader letters or discussions. Despite the fact we investigate thoroughly we cannot be held liable for the accuracy of the contents. Transmitted articles represent the opinion of the editor and not necessarily the opinion of the editorial office.

If not marked otherwise all graphics are copyright 2000-2011 by APC&TCP, Andreas Magerl and are not allowed to be used without permission! Person in charge in terms of the press law BayPrG and the § 6 and § 10 of the German Mediendienste-Staatsvertrag is Andreas Magerl (V.i.S.d.P).

Brands, product names, product images and logos are only used for identification of the products and may be registered trademarks of their owners. The brand and product names are labels and trademarks of their owners. A removal of a possible copyright issue on this page by the copyright owners themselves needs a permission from us.

Disclaimer Although we collect information very carefully for the internet pages we cannot guarantee for the accuracy. In no case can the Amiga Future editorial office or APC&TCP, Andreas Magerl be held responsible for damage directly from the information offered or resulted damage - this includes direct and indirect loss or damage including lost profits or damages resulting from data loss. This holds true even if a contract partner has been advised about such damage.

Forum posts do not underlie to the responsibility of the contents of the operator of this website. The responsibility is held by the authors themselves.

We are explicitely not responsible for the contents of websites which are referred to by Amiga Future or forum writers by hyperlinks. Only the appropriate author is liable. Of course we check for the websites we refer to but because of the unsafe law regarding this we have to write this.

The information provided on our websites is without guarantee. Changes and mistakes reserved. In the case that contributions or information is wrong the editorial office of the Amiga Future and APC&TCP, Andreas Magerl only can be made liable if a gross fault can be detected.


We have put links to other sites on our homepage. On these sites we have no influence on their style and contents. Of course we check as far as it's possible if there are any potential conflicts with the law. This happens when we set the link. But except for random sampling we cannot check regularly if the contents on the linked site have changed. When we get a notice about an illegal link we will remove it immediately of course. Generally we dissociate from all contents of the linked sites on our homepage.

Explanation about data protection
With this explanation we want to document what happens with your private data and where/why it is saved. The Amiga Future and APC&TCP, Andreas Magerl take the protection of data very seriously. We are subject to the conditions of the German Data Protection Act (BDSG). We have made technical and organisational arrangements which ensure that the directives are being kept.

Usage of cookies

A cookie is a small helping file which is transmitted to the user. Mostly the file contains the name of the website which sent the cookie and can only be read from this site. For instance the cookie is written on the user's harddisk to provide him with a identification number. If the user visits the website again it can read the cookie which serves as a identification of the online visitor for the webserver. A cookie may be used for other means like research for the user's behaviour.

We offer the usage of cookies in some sections of the Amiga Future homepage to make some user friendly features possible. Many browsers default to accepting cookies automatically. Though you can disable cookies or configure your browser that it asks if the cookie may be saved.

Links to other websites

Amiga Future contains many links to other websites. We have no influence on how the operators of these websites respect the privacy terms.

Individual-related data

Individual-related data is information which can be used to find out your identity. This includes your real name, address, postal address and telephone number. Basically you can use our web presence without providing you private data. (Of course this does not apply to online orders of our products)

When you use our forum we will ask you for a nick and valid email address during the registration process. In certain circumstances a registration may be necessary if you want to write your own posts in the forum. There's a possibility to hide your email address in the forum. You can find that option in your profile. It's your own choice if you want to enter this data. Reading of the forum is possible without registration.

In relationship to your access to Amiga Future there will be data saved in a log file which could make make an identification possible. This data will be saved: Your IP address, date, time, viewed sites, your browser ID and referer. We don't do any individual-related exploitation of this data. The data will only be used for the creation of anonymous statistics.

We store your data on a server in Germany. The access to this server is restricted to only a few people which work on technical or editorial issues.

Transfer of individual-related data to third parties

Basically we don't pass any data to third parties. As long as we are committed by law or an adjudication we have to pass data to authorities entitled to receive this information.

Please notice that your contributions in our comments and forum can be viewed by anyone. It should be clear not to write anything that isn't meant for the public. Furthermore please notice that your posts will be acquired by search engines and will be accessible worldwide aswell.

Right for revocation

If you gave us individual-related data you can tell us to delete it anytime.

Questions and comments

For any further questions, feedback or comments regarding the data protection please contact the Amiga Future via email.

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